Diary of a Naija Mom
 The short of it all:

I am Biolaleye, a Wordsmith, storyteller, content creator, copywriter, creative designer and this is my little space where you get to read my ramblings aka diary.

The vision of this Blog is to be an all round inspiration for the modern day human.

This we hope to achieve by being a one-stop web-home featuring real issues bothering on health, healthy living, lifestyle, family, faith, entrepreneurship, creative endeavors and life in general.


The Long of it all:

How do you get heard when sound fail you…when words get stuck in your windpipe?

How do you weave the tapestry called LIFE into words, rainbowy enough enough to attract like bees to honey?

We know.

You get out your imaginary ink / paper…and scribble away.

Or you get out your laptop and tap away.

This blog is first of all a secret pleasure. A true companion and outlet for stuffed up emotions and opinions.

It is a beautiful place where we try to put the common human’s journey (read: struggles) into words, advocate for worthy causes, write about social issues, crafting / sewing and every other thing that would catch your fancy.

When the world seems so cold, the fireplace here glows warmly.

When the world feels too warm, stifling and suffocating, the ambiance here offers a cool contrast to restore a much needed balance.

It is hoped that here, you would hear the song that gives strength when the wind blows too hard.

Please know that You are the embers that brighten this home each time you visit.

If we could crotchet, we’d hang a bright little piece in purple & pink…blue & red sign lovingly over the doorway emblazoned with ‘WELCOME’.







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