Stitch in time

A stitch in time. Saves nine. Or nine hundred.

I do not stitch everyday but I drive, every day, every week.

Yesterday, I drove through my usual route to / fro work.

Every day actually, I drive through the same road.

A portion of this ‘small’ road has a ‘big’ mouth, perpetually open in a wide yawn.

Like a tired alien.

It wasn’t always this way, though.

At a time, it was all bright and shiny, like a new bride but now, we’ve seen it all in what is known as ‘see finish’ in local parlance.

The decay started not long ago. Then, the ‘mouth’ could only provide shelter for just one forlorn rubber tire.

But now, it’s hunger or generosity (considering that it does not swallow completely) knows no bound.

It has expanded enough to be able to accommodate at least three rubber tires, not stacked on one another but placed, side by side!

This generous portion is in-between the two sections of the road, one for vehicles leaving the area and the other section for incoming vehicles.

The incoming lane merges unto a major road, leading to another major road.

It does not take a civil engineering professional to see that this decay, which developed over time, bit by bit, would soon render the road impassable.

The road services an ‘industrial estate’; different companies surround this section which is also directly opposite a major revenue-generating government agency.

Even as it is, the gridlock during rush hour is better imagined than experienced.

Sadly, this is the story of many of ‘our’ roads today.

And of our lives.

A stitch in time. Could prevent so many heartaches. And accidents.

What if the first tiny impression created probably by an heavy duty vehicle had been blocked immediately by the authorities?

Infrastructures do not fall in a day.

Decay do not happen in a day, just like destructive habits.

They start bit by bit, until the structure or body crumbles like a pack of cards.

What ‘little’ habit did you accidentally start yesterday?

You skipped breakfast?

You had dinner after 9 pm?

You took a whiff?

You missed your writing schedule?

You allowed negativity in your space?

You worried so much about something you couldn’t control so much you developed a migraine?

Today is the day to stitch it up, before it creates a gaping whole in your life, health or career.

The timely stitch can save you much more than you could ever imagine.

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