5 Love-inspired Kids’ Crafts + Gift Ideas

5 Love-inspired kids' crafts

Today, there will be a flurry of red and white as usual (for the ‘baeful and baeless’..lol..sorry, couldn’t help being naughty a bit).

Just because. It’s February 14.

I love seeing the efforts even though I do not celebrate Valentine (there we go again!!) in the accustomed fashion of dorning red and white, scurrying to give and get chocolates, flowers etc but we do celebrate love and life. Every. Single. Day.

Aye aye.

Nevertheless, it really is a good day (for me) to put together and (for you to) check these 5 love-inspired kids’ crafts. We can consider this as my little valentine gift (*grinning hugely) for you to try with your little ones, if you have a little time on your hands.

5 Love-inspired Kids’ Crafts


5 love-inspired kids craft

This is a very simple craft to make and will take all of 5 or 10 minutes to put together.

Materials required: Old newspapers, cardboard or wood, needle + thread, string, glue

No instruction is really required to ace this, simply cut out heart shapes (freehand or with templates) and string them together.


The garlands can be vertical or horizontal in arrangement, the choice is really yours. Finish, hang them anywhere you deem fit around the house, now step back and admire your craft.

**I think these can also be used as backdrops for photo shoots..em..what do you think?**


5 love-inspired kids crafts

If you have a handful of sea shells lying around and any old carton or cardboard, this might just be a lovely way to turn them into something hearty like the little piece up here. Straightforward Instructions are here.

Materials required: Seashells, glue, cardboard / old carton, ribbons.

Time: 5 – 10mins

This shell craft was gifted a newly-wedded uncle a few days after it was made.


This beautiful things will put a smile on your kid’s friends and teachers’ faces, trust me. Instructions can be found here.

5 love-inspired kids crafts

Materials required: Cardboard, wiggly eyes, glue, pencil.


I think this little ladybug is cute and cool enough to make for your little friends today, any and every day.

5 love-inspired kids craftsYou may visit Crafty Morning visit here for the instructions.


5 love-inspired kids crafts

Oh how I love this hearty little caterpillar, it sure is going to be a hit, especially with little hearty boys. I know. You may find the tutorial here on Crafty Morning.

5 Gift Ideas to Try Today, Everyday
  1. Quality Time (with your Spouse or/and kids)..no Television, no mobile devices…just look into their eyes and talk!
  2. Buy them that ‘something’ they have been talking about for ages (if it is within your budget..yes, I’m a smart money woman!)
  3. Breakfast in bed..surprise him / her (wink)
  4. Take the stress of making dinner off him / her by either making it or ordering and asking them to put their feet up…it works magically!
  5. Buy some random person on the street a meal or give them some notes to get something warm

The fifth idea is very very important, for me.

Because, too many times we get so consumed with the daily rigmarole of living that we hardly ever see the random people walking hopelessly around us. We are not to blame but we can try harder by opening up our eyes some more, by being more aware and compassionate.

Let me leave you with this little poem I posted on my Instagram (follow me on biolaeye_1…please) page earlier today:

…while into callused hands thrusting the odd note…

Remember that HE first loved / still loves us…we really ought also to love one another.

Happy love-day…today and every day.



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