How to optimize your instagram posts for business or fun

How to optimize instagram posts for business or fun

Social media can really be a chore…especially for bloggers and business owners.

I mean, you are forever thinking of how to improve your content and business, take good pictures, edit and upload, write stories on them and you do all that only to end up getting 1 or 2 likes. After 1 week of putting up dem pictures!

I know, I deal with it daily…or anytime I put up a post on here and share on my social media handles. But I’m not miserable, yet.

Today, I miss the days of yore when you just write posts for fun and get on with your life. It appears a great emphasis is on likes and the business angles these days.  (Can’t blame anyone)

The waters are getting murkier with each passing minute.

What can the righteous do?

I had an interesting discussion with a young business owner who is also my colleague at work, two days ago. She bakes and very well too. I cannot even begin to understand how she manages to cook up such beautiful stuffs alongside her 8 – 5. I mean, she is one really good baker and go-getter.

So, she wanted to post pictures of her latest efforts, about 12 yummy beauties on her Instagram handle and sought my advise on how to gain some exposure.

You see, she is very diligent..with her work and also with posting for the ‘world’ to see on her Instagram page. The only hitch is that her ‘world’ sees or maybe a tiny fraction of her world sees and she ends up getting at most 5 likes. For somebody who have over 200 followers, that is very mean but that is a post for another day.

She was given a few tips by yours truly which she implemented and the following day, guess what happened?

I got a hearty thank you as she stepped foot in the work area plus a happy ‘I am loving every bit of this now’.
No kidding.

That got me thinking about how maybe one or two other people could also use these tips to improve their visibility on the ‘gram.

Instagram is very serious business these days. Folks are not playing anymore, except me…of course…that’s considering that about the only stuff I try to sell on Instagram is this site but I have friends who get their major businesses from Instagram. (My re-thinking cap is on though)

How to Optimize Instagram Posts..

..for business or fun.

I’ve got 5 tips for you here to use to optimize Instagram posts for higher returns or simply for fun.

  • Take very clear and sharp pictures and crop out unnecessary details..(I know, I should take my own advise..)
  • If you can, write a little story giving a glimpse of the ‘behind the scene’ or why the picture is ‘gram-worthy
  • Use hashtags
  • Use more hashtags
  • And use some more hashtags!

Let me explain a bit.

To optimize instagram posts is to increase the visibility of your post and not necessarily to gain more followers. That is a bonus by the way.

You want to gain some mileage and get the best out of your efforts. It is normal, we all crave some form of returns.

When we write or post, we have an audience in mind and we have an objective. We want to be heard, to be seen and to be liked. Yes.

I must point out that ‘likes’ does not always equate cash but it could lead to some cash coming in if you are pretty consistent.

To optimize Instagram posts, you firstly need to ensure you come up with very clear professional-like pictures…not the crappy or shadowy ones I have on my page, taken with my Samsung phone in my poorly lit kitchen!

Now, you do not have to break the bank or borrow just to get yourself one of those fancy high-tech Canon DSLR. A good phone will do just fine, only ensure you utilize natural lights as much as possible to give you the best results.

Best results being pictures that are clear and sharp enough, devoid of shadows.

Truth is, if your pictures hurt the eyes, chances are viewers will not bother reading through your story or what the picture is about.

When that hurdle is out of the way, try and come up with a few choice words telling the story behind the picture. People love stories, so give them one.

If you are not a writer and words are hard to come by, not to worry…move on to the next tip.

Hashtag every picture of yours.

This is because hashtags project your page and image. They make your image / post rank high in the ‘google / search engine’ of Instagram.

Hashtags know no boundary or limits when properly utilized. Proper use of (creative) hashtags that relates to your subject increase your visibility beyond your page or followers. I can testify to that and my colleague testified to that, just yesterday.

So, get on with it and apply these few tips to test the veracity of my claims.

Be creative.

Do you have any other ways to optimize Instagram posts for fun or business?


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9 Replies to “How To Optimize Instagram Posts (for Business or Fun)”

  1. It’s amazing what a difference hashtags make. I’m not a huge Instagrammer, but I noticed the difference on some of my pictures when I started using hashtags. Fab tips!


  2. I never quite know which hashtags to use, I need to keep a running list of the ones I see people use. I love IG, it’s my second favorite after Pinterest and I’m really trying to grow my IG visibility. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup, pinned to our Linkup board.

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