Paper Flower Vase Craft

Paper Flower Vase Craft

My boys love art…especially paper crafts.

Maybe it is a fall-out of the numerous episodes of ‘Art Attack’ we spent hours watching but one thing I know is this: I love their love for art.

And now that Summer is officially here and they would go on holiday starting this week, what better way to keep them occupied than to have them make one (or two) of this pretty little paper flower vase?

Seriously, ‘making’ art is one of the tested and trusted ways of keeping them busy while I grab me a shut-eye (when we are not bonding over some wiggley eyes or coloring)…*wink*…

These paper flower vases were made on a Saturday afternoon and they are really very simple to make. Trust me. We sure had a lot of fun playing around with the cardboard, ribbons, water/poster-colors and glue.

Difficulty level: Sub-zero-below-simple-level.
Time Required: 10-20mins
Materials Needed for the Paper Flower Vase



-Poster colors




Now, let’s get started.

Cut out your cardboard and draw a vase (freestyle) on it. You may do this yourself or guide your little one(s)  or even allow them do it on their own. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you know.


-Cut out random shapes from your ribbon -any ribbon color will do.

-Spread glue randomly within the lines of the Vase you sketched in the previous step.



Add and arrange the ribbons on the glue / cardboard as desired, press firmly in place.


Your Vase is practically empty right now and it’s time to fill it up with some pretty flowers. *wink*

So, Cut out oval ‘petal-like’ shapes, you are going to need 8 – 10 pieces depending on how full you need your flowers to be.

Let your little ones smear paint on the ‘veins’ with their desired colors. (They wouldn’t look like petals without the veins now, would they?)

Spread glue as desired and press the petals in place, on the vase.


Voila. Your paper flower vase is ready to adorn your kid’s space.


The boys insisted on pinning their creations on the ‘wall of fame’, side by side.


We sure had fun making these, I am sure you and your little ones will..too.

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