Maternal deaths in Nigeria

Maternal deaths in Nigeria

Between this post and now, a lot has happened…several hundreds of needless maternal deaths actually.

As I type this, more than two women are dying somewhere in Nigeria.

Nigeria is under the spotlight because I am not certain the statistics are as grim, elsewhere as we have here today. Maybe it is, I truly have no way of knowing.

It has gotten to a point where I can no longer fold my arms waiting for the government to ‘wake up’ and start actualizing our common dreams by doing the right thing and putting proper structures in place to prevent such sadly avoidable occurrences.

The current government inherited too many problems than they can apparently handle and there is a fat chance the health sector is nowhere near the topmost rungs on their ladder or scale of critical issues to attend to.

But then, maternal deaths occur daily and young children lose their lives, needlessly. This will continue unless something is done, very fast.

The painful part is that nobody is safe. No one is immune or secured from the effects of the inadequacies of the Nigerian health system.

Not even you, my ‘across-the-border’ friends. Because we keep putting a strain on your health care system with our incessant medical tourism, stretching your Countries’ resources thin.

We have near-daily cases of accidents victims dying because help failed to reach them on time. And when the belated helps come, whatever chance of survival is eroded by lack of empathy on the part of hospitals or clinics in close proximity to the accident scenes. Victims are refused life-saving first aids / treatments because of lack of police reports accompanying them.

Pregnant women in distress are refused prompt attention because they did not pre-register at the hospitals they end up being rushed to and so could not be treated without some forms of cash deposits, medical history, etc

It’s 2016 but it is glaring that the fight for the lives of pregnant mothers and children under the age of five is still far from being won. So much for the Millennium Development Goals!

We can choose to hope and pray for the much needed change, analyzing our health issues and solutions from the comfort of our homes while berating a slow or clueless government for not doing the needful. Or we can try to push for the change we need, any and every way we can.

The whole point of my rambling is to seek your help.

Yes, I need your help.

To end maternal deaths in Nigeria. Maternal Mortality.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Nigeria or not, I believe we can make impact from anywhere we are.

I started a petition on two days ago and the sole objective is to try and make some noise hoping that it gets to the ears of the people in Government or their media handlers. My target is 10,000,000 signatures.

I know, that is one lofty dream. But it can be done.

Because. Impossible is nothing!

You may please join me in doing your bit to end maternal deaths in Nigeria by visiting this link:

A brother of mine, after signing the petition asked whether the big guys on the corridor of power actually read these ‘kind of things’ / act on them. I understand his skepticism, he was probably wondering what good could possibly come out of this petition knowing Nigeria and the structures in place.

I wonder too.

But I do not want to keep wondering while countless die, needlessly everyday.

If there is even a very remote chance of anything happening, if there is the tiniest probability or possibility that this would get to the ears of the government or the media handlers of the President and his Cabinet, then it is worth giving a try.

I do not have the resources to build hospitals or train medical workers or engage the right hands for every clinic.

I cannot do it and I do not expect you to put your money down to solve this country’s problems but I can make some noise. I can utilize social media for social good.

Two minutes of your time might just go a long way in getting out the word and propelling the Nigerian government to act.

You are not obliged to do this but I believe you are a good person who loves ‘good’ and believes in doing ‘good’ for the greater ‘good’ of mankind.

Can I count on you to do this with me?

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4 Replies to “On Maternal Deaths in Nigeria -I Need Your Help”

  1. E’karo from South Africa. I hope my signature helps just a little. I was fortunate enough to visit Nigeria a few years ago and fell in love with it’s beautiful people. You are all so strong and humble, from the beggars on the streets to the gorgeous ladies selling roasted groundnuts. Even the children have such a deep sense of “being”. Sending much love and I hope your petition gets the attention it deserves.

    1. Hahahaha…

      E kasan from Nigeria.
      Your comment really made me laugh out loud, apologies for the late response.
      Thanks for the love -visit and comment…and yes, Nigerians are strong and resilient. Basically why majority still thrive in spite of what we go through as a nation.

      Never been to SA before…one day…and then we’d meet up for tea and catch up on some yoruba lessons, maybe…would love to.


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