Chibok Girls

The Chibok girls in a file pictureThe Chibok girls in a file picture. The file has 185 pages - one for every girl. Each page has a photograph, and beside each passport-sized picture some stark facts - the girl's name, her school grade and the date of abduction

Girls they were, sharing giggles through and through -in Chibok

In a world designed to offer love, protection and respect

Respect is long dead and buried with the night

Lying low and lonely in its grainy abyss somewhere in Chibok

Yell, hope and pray in anguish is all we could muster in our helplessness

Gaunt with sorrow, they have become, yet no respite of breakthrough

In the deep of Chibok, the shiny face of hope taunts today, as ever

Galaxies of hope clusters now and then, reined in by steps into the past

Girly giggles have long deserted the land in the dead of the night

Look at the dark figure stealthily emerging from the dark forest

Enshrouded mercilessly in the garbs of their new lords

Should we giggle with hope of redemption or flee in terror?




Today, it is 2 years since our Chibok girls were taken from their dormitory in the dead of the night,

In the dead of the night till several mornings after, we wished it were a joke but the reality had long since dawned on all ‘doubting Thomases’.

Doubting thomases, by whose unbelief, timely action remained unwisely untaken,

Untaken action which only succeeded in damning the souls of these innocent girls.

Innocent girls whose main objective of being at the right place at the wrong time was their quest for education,

Education, in every sane clime deemed the right of every boy and girl.

Every boy and girl now in danger of annihilation as a result of terror,

Terror which we see and breathe in this part of the world, daily – this terror has now become the bane of our society.

Society, ours, which failed to act rightly to save, still fails to protect her own,

Her own, who by virtue of the glaring deficiencies has long taken her destiny in her hands.

Her hands, albeit feeble, still desperately try to cling to just the tiniest glimmer of hope,

Hope that, by some dint of ‘good-luck‘ some of these girls would be restored to their stricken land.

Their stricken land, bereft of hope and faith in the government of the day…that very land brought to limelight by terror which has pervaded the whole nation,

The whole nation, from that dreary night in Chibok keeps returning to Chibok.

To Chibok, we return today as we unite in spirit to wish, hope and pray,

Pray that normalcy would return, peace would reign and everything taken away would be restored.

Restored to humanity, untainted today,

Today, 2 years after, we still harbor some faith and hope.

Hope is all I cling to, today, as a parent…as we remember these girls, 2 years on in captivity!

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3 Replies to “Girly Giggles in Chibok”

  1. Thanks for this important post. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years. Seeing all those pictures still shocks knowing what they had to go through and the lasting terror of those actions.

    This wasn’t what I expected when I saw the title on the linky. I’m glad I clicked though. Thanks again for your post.


    1. Very hard to believe…time flies.
      If my child was among them, I wonder how I would have survived the long days not knowing their condition. Sad.

      Praying for a better and more secured world for us and ours.

      Thank you, ShoeboxofM

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