The Many Hues of Love

The many hues of love
The Many Hues of Love

The many hues of love are as bright as they are dark,

Warming her many souls through the light and the dark without slack

Still gracious to shower unprepared ones with dews like a spring

Welling from an untold place for all to drink.



Love happens in diverse unexpected ways.

For Hubs & I, we strode into it. Sans the thousand ‘wingfull’ butterflies fluttering, preening and prancing all around their unwilling abode.

From friend zones in a far away friendly Northern land to the PRESENT.

I think one of the beauty of love is it happening when it is least expected and when it is the least in the would-be recipient’s importance list.

For some folks (like us), they walk unknowingly into LOVE, but some fall. If the fall is hard, the rise may be harder.

But if the foundation is concretely solid with steely reinforcements, the light has ample chances to intermittently glow as bright as it did. IN THE BEGINNING.

In the beginning.

But just how many lights glow as bright as the beginning, all year round? All decade round?

In reality, the fire requires numerous stoking, and tireless re-stocking to keep it burning bright.

This stoking and re-stocking translates to some tiring work, sometimes with bags under the eyes and little ones tugging at the hems of one’s skirt…exercises in faith. And hope.

Trusting the embers to keep receiving the needed fiery strength to keep burning for us to keep going.

For us to keep the many hues of LOVE within our line of sight. Through the ups and downs. Agreements. Disagreements. Celebrations. Illnesses. Promotions. Demotions. Children. Lack of Children. TTC. Losses. Grief.

It requires having faith in the author of LOVE Himself. The ONE WHO first loved us and taught us to love.

And keeping faith with each other. And Communicating through the faith-keeping.

Uniting to keep stoking the fire (together) on some nights -hot and cold.

Drawing roasters and schedules for manning the fire lest both sleep off, complacent and the fire tragically goes out completely.

Fighting sometimes over position of best advantage for fire-stoking.

Sometimes fighting silly, quietly and coldly.

And sometimes laughing out loud at all the silliness of fire-stoking and fighting.

And knowing when to rally round to keep the embers from dying out.

For if the logs burn out completely, the many hues of love become indistinct, unrecognizable and barely discernible.

So here is to all the young and old couples alike, losing count of the countless fallings and risings, still keeping faith while struggling to keep the embers burning…knowing that the hues of love can only become visibly illuminated when the fires are tirelessly stoked.

May the embers never die.



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