Easy DIY : Paper Towel Holder

DIY : Paper Towel Holder

This 5 minutes quick paper craft aka DIY Paper Towel Holder was borne out of the need to not keep clumsily knocking my roll of paper towel behind the freezer or fridge or water dispenser (and also an avenue excuse to pretend to craft with my lil men).

That being ‘said’, if (like me) you keep knocking stuffs off their places and you would seriously like to stop having to reach behind your wherever-the-paper-towel-drops to retrieve this handy tissue whenever you need it, I invite you to join me on this mini-DIY-adventure.


(Un)used carton / Box / Cardboard

Cardboard tube


Erazer (D1 insisted I add this..)


Cutter / Blade / Scissors

Optional: Paint & brushes

TIME : 5 – 10MINS (Except you have one or two little boys or girls or a mix of both who have their own idea of how to do this)


This is a very cheap / thrifty craft.

You can take my word to the Bank on this. It costs next to nothing to make, really and it comes in handy if you are like me. Again.

  1. Look around you for a carton / box of shoes etc.

I recently bought a stack-able shoe rack and being the hoarder that I am, I kept the pack, compressed in a safe corner out of hubby’s way / sight.

If you do not have any lying around, a cardboard would suffice but be sure to increase the thickness by making use of at least two card-boards -glued together to make it sturdier (to avoid tipping over)

My sturdy shoe rack box

2)  Cut the needed (long) strip from the carton / box

Sorry, no measurements provided because you do not really need one, except you are doing it for commercial purposes. You might want to use the width of the paper towel to determine the right width and length for the strip.

I pretty much eye-balled it through and even though it is not perfect in the ‘real’ sense, it’s just perfect for my kitchen.

Detach the strip you need or cut with a pair of scissors
Detach the strip you need or cut with a pair of scissors

Once again, be sure to have the tissue or paper towel beside you in order to measure the width and length of the cardboard that would be a near-accurate fit for the paper towel.

Place the tissue or paper towel on the strip you just detached
Place the tissue or paper towel on the strip you just detached

3) Determine the tissue paper holder base

Place tissue / paper towel on strip and measure the start and end point with a pencil. That is where the ends are going up and that is the ‘base’.

Mark with pencil where you are going to fold / raise the two ends up
Mark with pencil where you are going to fold / raise the two ends up

You’ d observe the pencil marks are slightly shorter than the tissue, it’s deliberate. This is because my tube is almost the same length as the paper towel and I need it to accurately fit with no room / space to fall off.

This time around, I used the reverse side of the shoe rack card
This time around, I used the reverse side of the shoe rack card

*For the first one we made, the bare side was the inner part painted red while the glossy part was the outer part painted green.

4) Determine where you want the ‘handles’ to rest

Now you need to determine how far from the top you want the paper towel to be, this is what I call the ‘handle’ points. Use the ‘tube’ and a pencil to create / mark your circle.

Note that there must be ample wiggle room for the towel to scroll so it must not be too close to the ‘base’.


The ‘circle’ drawn with the ‘tube’

Draw a small circle using the 'tube'
Draw a small circle using the ‘tube’


DIY Paper Towel Holder
Cut out the circular shape with a cutter or blade

5) Curve the edges…we’re on the home stretch now..

'Curve' the edges using a plate like this..
‘Curve’ the edges using a plate like this..

If you want straight / square edges, you may skip this step, otherwise, use a circular plate to ’round’ the edges on both sides as shown above.

If you want to add some colors like we did, this is the right time to whip out the paint brushes and splatter away on the inner and outer parts as much as you want.

The boys sure had a fun time splashing color on the paper towel holder. I allowed them choose the colors as well as to decide where and how to paint…and we had a colorful splattery fun time together.

(..and we cleaned happily thereafter..)

After painting, leave to dry in order to avoid smearing.

6) Raise the two ends up from the base, slip the cylindrical tube into the paper towel and insert into the two holes.


That’s it.

If you get round to making any, I’d really love to see the pictures.

In the meantime, do let me know what you think of this Paper Towel Holder.




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9 Replies to “DIY Paper Towel Holder”

    1. Aww…thanks for ‘popping’ in. I like to think myself ‘into’ being creative..I wish I am..lol.
      Funny I’ve been tinkering with numerous themes but still undecided (I seriously itch to change the look because this looks a bit too serious for me..)

  1. Cute idea! I currently do not have a paper towel holder, and it is a pain! I’ll have to keep this in mind and see if I can whip one up of my own!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

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