I wanted to put up a post on children’s day which we celebrated here in Nigeria on May 27 but I eventually managed not to….for the very reason I wanted to in the first place. Confused yet?

You see, I was cooped up with four energetic bundles of blessing throughout the day and as much as I loved to take them out, I had to think twice and conserve the fuel we had so we could at least go to work the next day. #NotMyFault

Still wondering how sweet mum coped with 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..SEVEN children, spaced two-two years apart! My respect grows by the minute for her…If wishes were horses…she’d be here with us today. *crying emoticon*
Miss her everyday…


What comes to your mind when you have about four strong little children running playing around in the house, bringing the roof down with their ‘tea party’, ‘art party’, ‘costume party’, ‘all sorts of stuffs party’?

In case you didn’t know:

Art party: an occasion where a group of boisterous children come together to terrorise one or two adults by scattering tracing papers,  cardboards, crayons, pencils, glitter glues,  etc all over a large expanse of ground while hollering at the top of their voices.

Tea party: a similar occasion where the same group of young lads gather together over a table covered with cups in the ratio of 2-1 and almost empty a whole jar of Horlicks chocolate powder into each cup after which they’d sit to discuss the next line of action before racing away leaving the poor adult around to clean up the mess.

Costume party: an occasion where this same group of children upturn / over/ under-turn their wardRobe + the whole house searching for costumes, putting them on and screaming and fight/play-pretending for hours on end while the poor adult around tries to pretend to catch some shut-eye.

So, now that you have the definitions,  I can get on with it.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes crave solitude in the midst of the blissful hullabaloo.

So in the late morning / early noon of May 27,  I was trying to relax monitor intermittently all the party proceedings safely from afar when the Captain came running in from the play room a la party venue, breathless.

“Mum, I’ve got some really bad news for you”
My mind really cut to the sky and back…I bolted upright with the speed of light, quickly forgetting I was ‘sleep-pretending’

You want to know why?

In addition to the boys, two of their friends were over to stay the whole day and they were all cooped up in the new party venue, having migrated from the Study to the Living room before moving to the children’s bedroom for what I hope would be the last leg. I wished.

“What happened?”
“Is anyone injured?”

“The Laptop is not charging!”

That’s the bad news. And on May 27, a day set aside to celebrate children nationwide. Why would the laptop choose that day, of all days to not charge?

Oh! Thank you sweet Lord. That’s one bad news I could definitely deal with.

“Okay. Just leave it and make sure noone goes near the socket, we’ll fix it later”

Apparently, when a young lad / host is trying to turn on the Laptop to possibly show off his ICT and ownership skills to his visitors and it refuses to come up because the battery is drained and the socket is faulty leading to the inability of the laptop to be charged, it’s some real bad news.

Here’s hoping these young ones never have to deal with bad news in their life times.

And I’m praying that you, reading this never gets to hear / receive bad tidings where your bundle (s) of joy are concerned.

These ones have been unimaginable sources of wondrous blessings and good cheer. Call them my companion for life and you’d not be far from the mark. That’s not relegating DH in the least but they fill the gap, complimenting him beautifully well.

They make me smile, they make me laugh out loud. They make me cry While filling my heart with love and hope for the future of this land.

They are indeed the future.

You know I’m eternally grateful for these young ones and I’m using them as points of contacts for every mum-in-waiting out there. Sooner than later, you’d have beautiful causes to rejoice. Amen.

Here’s also congratulating a virtual friend who recently became a new mum after years of waiting…far away yet near and dear -Sykik of www.sykik.blogspot.com.

We believed and it came to pass and I’m still believing fervently that it will come to pass for YOU too, my sweet friend(s). You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

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One Reply to “Happy Belated Children’s Day”

  1. I am so vexed right now to miss this beautiful post. Esp with blogspot!!!! I didn't get a Google+ alert since I don't get updated in my blog roll.
    Please, happy belated children's day to your handsome sons!
    Comforting hug. Mothers are the best. I doff my hat for your mama to take care of 7 of you! It is no joke with 2 talkless 7!
    Ahahahaha @ your reaction! Laptop is not charging is a serious bad news o!
    Me, I cannot talk again about my 5 boisterous children. It is summer holiday, they have monopolized my bedroom. The apartment is always in disarray. I won't stress myself o jare! Ahahahaha. How is work my sistah? Take care.

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