Fairy dishwashing liquid soap
Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Mothers…Fathers. ..sisters…brothers…friends…sweethearts…everyone,  Please get in here.

How are y’all doing?

The month of May is packing her bags to make room for June and I sincerely hope those dreams are beginning to fall into place gradually for you. Don’t you worry, it will end well, better than you thought.

A lot has happened in the year already but things can only get better from now, by His grace.

So I’ve been missing in action and This review is a bit overdue.

Activities have been overwhelmingly ongoing on all fronts and I guess I was also busy trying to survive. What with the fuel scarcity and all.

It’s been wonderfully wonderful not having electricity and fuel to function for weeks. Let’s ‘give it up’ for every resilient Nigerian that has refused to succumb to all the recent hardships while saying a prayer for those that couldn’t keep up with the whole iSh.

It’s really not been easy For all, one way or the other.

But as we all know this very blessed day, the ship of change has finally berthed in Nigeria with the inauguration of the new president. You know, I was a bit fearful about the success of today’s program,  but thankfully, everything went well.  I posted earlier (not here) that with the looming inauguration of BUHARI,  every government parastatal appeared to have awakened from their self-induced slumber. NDLEA, NAFDAC, etc.; Even PHCN now remembers that their main duty is to provide electricity.

Praying the new regime brings the desired change in this country.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the state of our great nation Nigeria, its all about the ‘new’ Fairy dishwashing liquid soap.


Fairy dishwashing liquid soap is the new rave, in my house.

To be honest I was a tad sceptical when I started seeing Fairy all over the place,  adverts and all.

I’d been a live-hard fan of good ‘old Morning Fresh and I just couldn’t be bothered with this new entrant before now. My attitude of ‘if-its-not-broken-ain’t-no-changing-or-fixing-it also didn’t help in the least.

When I was contacted for this review, I was like, okay let’s see what new value this would add.

I was away when the products were delivered and coincidentally,  it was the dishwashing liquid of choice at my hostess’ kitchen so I had ample opportunity to test and already formed my opinion before jetting back.

To cut my long story short, I’m glad I tried it and I can confidently say my boys and I are hooked on Fairy and I’m hoping the affair lasts for a very long time indeed.

A few things I love about Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Soap:

  1. It’s fresh, it’s original. I admit I also thought the Naija quality would differ from the UK brand I first tested but surprisingly,  I didn’t notice any difference.
  2. The fragrance is cool and an exciting departure from what we were accustomed to. It’s a breeze of fresh air.
  3. The suds are long-lasting + no more heavy oil smearing sponges and everywhere after doing the dishes.
  4. I seriously don’t know about that line about just one drop washing all, but a few drops have been doing it for me. Maybe it’s the doubting ‘Thomas’ in me but I’m okay with the few drops, for now.
  5. It’s easy on the purse. I actually thought the price was going to be inhibitory but believe me, it’s pocket friendly considering the value derivable from those packs. Nobody wants to turn dishwashing into a project in these austere times.
  6. The packaging is neat, fresh and attractive; very easy on the eyes. The R&D department def got this right. The aesthetics is simply a breeze of fresh air, #cliché, lovely to behold.

And an added bonus for a MOB, it’s kids’ friendly,  not harsh on the hands at all.

Another important bonus : the boys love it and are always over-enthusiastic to clean up now..lol…even though I have to stand over them like  mother hawk to ensure they truly add a few drops to the washing bowl….before they go and empty everything into water for me all in the name of washing just two plates and cups.

Summarily, I wasn’t disappointed.

Would I recommend Fairy dishwashing liquid?


In fact I’m recommending it now, go on, give it a try. Then come back and testify / give your opinion.
Have you tried it? What is your opinion about it?
Would really love to know.

PS: Fairy is manufactured by Procter and Gamble, there are two variants available in the nigerian market right now – LEMON and ORIGINAL. It formally ‘entered’ Nigeria in January even though it was first launched in the United Kingdom about five decades ago. The Fairy brand is popular globally and has been tested and trusted and It boasts over 50 years of scientific innovation in each bottle which is reputed to last twice as long as other brands in the market.

PPS: I was given complimentary samples of the product in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts are 100% mine and no other form of compensation was received.

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