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Firstly, I sincerely and somberly apologize for bailing on you. *mentally stares down at feet, hands folded behind back*
Been more than a month and believe me, it has been crazy but thankfully, we are still standing and breathing. Thanks be to God, again.
I love you guys, especially those who have been concerned, those who reached out to find out what was happening and those who have been goading and prodding me, ever so gently. You know yourselves and I am ever so grateful for your friendship which transcends this virtual divide.
You make me feel loved and needed. Now who doesn’t love that?
It has really been an eventful one month. I pray nobody ever goes through some of these kind of events for the rest of this year.
Was supposed to publish at least four times during the past one month, well, all is well…even in the well. Lol.
I’m here now, would get round to it all but first things first, you know today’s date, right?
Yeeeees. *pumping the air with my fist*
It’s finally the day set aside for #Nigeria to decide who occupies Aso Villa / Rock for the next four years. 
We go to the polls today to bravely chart a ‘fresh’ course..
Or more aptly, ‘Patriotic’ Nigerians (who are not scared ‘shitless’ to venture out of their apartments) go to the polls today to try and change our collective destiny as a nation. 
Well, I am patriotic…and not scared (I hope)…but I sure am monitoring events from my bed or armchair, whichever ‘sweet me pass’. You get?
D1 is hyper enthusiastic and has been keenly following the build up to the election. He has been pestering me for days and is the first to announce the ‘big event’ this morning thinking mum and dad may have forgotten.
He thought we were going to write the names of our candidates on a piece of paper, wrap it and go drop it off somewhere to be counted. Maybe release the paper into the space, watch and allow it float to wherever.
Had to tell him it doesn’t work that way and also as a bonus reminded him (yet, again) that he is still faaaarrrrr from 18.
‘Sorry to dash your hope, sweetheart but you cannot vote for Muhammadu Buhari and Jimi Agbaje, yet’
Oh yes.
Though he likes Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan but he wants the ‘old’ general -Buhari (GMB) for president and Jimi Agbaje for Governor of Lagos State and his younger brother is also totally sold on big bro’ political idea / inclination. 
The way they pick stuffs is amazing. Their minds are like sponges, eagerly lapping and absorbing everything that comes their way. More reason to get closer and help in filtering all the mumbo jumbos.
On our way from school sometimes last week, he was asking me whether it is true that Buhari is too old (to become president) and would die soon. Lol.
Of course I told him, age has little to do with death, sincerity of purpose and governance.
I digress.
In their minds, APC with their mighty brooms would do well in sweeping Boko Haram from Nigeria while PDP is to cover Lagos State with their umbrellas. 
 Image result for apc symbol      OR   Image result for pdp symbol
Of course D1 understands both men are from  two different political parties but he just cannot be bothered as he likes both individuals and he is not affiliated to any party.
Blissful innocence.
Whatsmore? My boy neither collected any of the $$$ that has been flying around for days now nor did he share in the bags of rice and recharge cards, etc etc.
So he is really coming with clean hands and for him, whoever wins, life goes on. 
He still gets to eat his Rice Krispies…and Ribena…and Grapes.
And he still gets to enjoy his game of Scrabble…and Chess….
The life of an ‘innocent’ young boy is truly delightful.
His mum and dad have no private jets or swiss accounts or oil wells or properties abroad.
Why should he/we/they kill himself/ourselves/themselves for some bunch that would still hug and back-slap at their social gathering after today, regardless of whose ‘bread is buttered’?
After three weeks, they return to school…to their friends and teachers…they still get to see mum and dad, hug and tell them they love them…and life continues.
Life goes on as usual.
I really wish every Nigerian would think like these under-age-too-young-to-vote-blissfully-innocent boys. 
That whoever wins, life goes on.
…change or continuity, life goes on.
Seriously, all I feel for these young and old ones that scramble after these ephemeral and temporal reliefs is PITY. 
$1000 or $20000 or 100 bags of rice would finish someday, flushed down the sewage and then what happens?
Fresh doses of Insecurity. Unemployment. Darkness. Incessant outages. Corruption. Squandering of Resources. Incessant health workers’ strike. Decaying infrastructure. Inadequate infrastructure. Regrets.
How long would we continue to mortgage our souls and the future of our children for morsels of porridge?
Well, considering the level of poverty in the land and also the fact that the ‘morsels’ can assuage their thirsts and satisfy their hunger for a few hours or days…can they really be blamed? 
Maybe. Maybe not.
Still finding it had to decide which is better between those scrambling for their share of the ‘national cake’ and the die-hard supporters who are seriously ready to die and kill for their candidates…and they are dying and killing for them. Maybe they are really one and the same.
Such gluttony. Such loyalty. Totally misplaced.
I pray their eyes would be opened to see the big picture, eschew violence and embrace peace.
Can you join me in advocating for PEACE?
Spread the message of PEACE, especially to our youths.
Let them know that nothing and nobody is worth dying or killing for.
That they should put themselves and their loved ones first.
That they are responsible for their actions and decisions.
That no individual should be greater than the nation.
That the ‘morsels of porridge’ would finish one day.
That the ‘morsels of porridge’ are actually their birthrights being squandered with their help.
That the ones they are dying and killing for are better placed than them and can escape in their lush private jets when push turns to shove.
That they would be left to sink or clean up or be locked up if they are ‘lucky’.
That the children of these mighty ones they are dying for are safely ensconced in the US and UK in their fancy homes and schools.
That in the end, they remain standing with their loved ones.
That they would become the losers when the two elephants are done with fighting.
That he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day
That whoever wins or die senselessly, life continues.
That another election would come round in another four years.
That if they unwisely/senselessly fight and die now, it’s all lost and over for them and their loved ones.
That only nomenclature differentiates the parties, they are indeed one in modus operandi, principles and ideologies.
That violence resolves nothing.
That war is a wildfire which consumes everything in its way.
That if they have to fight at all, they should peacefully fight for PEACE.
As you join me in advocating for peace, I leave you with a part of this prayer I hear everyday from the boys.

….air plane will not crash in Jesus name 
….nobody will die in Jesus name
….nobody will fall sick in Jesus name
….Nigeria will not scatter in Jesus name
….there will be no war in Nigeria in Jesus name.
Still saying amen?
Whichever way the wind blows after today – whether towards CHANGE or CONTINUITY – life goes on.

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One Reply to “As Nigeria Decides…#StandForPeace”

  1. well said… It's stupid for anyone to die for people whose children are probably abroad or in areas that are well secured by Security agents.I join you to pray for peace in our land as we vote for change and visible development. Thanks and God bless!

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