These pretty LOVEly accessories are really easy to make. See the shape?
You know how elections have been scheduled to hold on February 14 in Nigeria and how it’s going to be an actively bleak day for those who have dedicated that day to ‘celebration of love’…I mean ‘those’ that always go (all) out to celebrate Valentine or love every 14th of February.

Dedicating a day to love is not a bad thing in itself but methink everyday should involve some ‘celebration’ of sorts…you know…lovingly touching somebody’s life…
Sorry peeps, next year is another date if the world is still where it is… and I totally agree with you…’those’ people that couldn’t pick any other day than ‘that day’ are a bunch of spoil sports…lol
Seeing as you would be cooped up all day long in the house- after you must have exercised your civic right / duty by ‘voting’, I am coming to the rescue with this little ‘love-themed’ craft to pass the time.
For what better way is there to occupy yourself than to rustle in your closet for fabric scraps and putting together one or two or three of these handy pieces?
Try this out and thank me later.
Materials needed:
Fabric scraps (to cut out heart shaped petals, round base and rectangular strip)
Stencil / pattern
Scissors or cutter or blade
Needle and thread or glue
Alligator clip or Elastic or rubber (if you prefer it as a hair band)
Brooch pin or safety pin (if you would rather have it as a brooch)
Embellishment (button, bead, crystal, gem, etc)
Just a few simple steps required:
(im)Perfectly draw (Free-hand) a heart / love shape on a paper or use a stencil (feel free to make it as big or small as you want);
Lay the heart pattern on your fabric and cut out as many pieces as you like;
Cut out a round piece from the same fabric (to be used as base on which the petals would be glued);
Cut out a small rectangular strip onto which the pin / elastic band / clip would be attached if desired;
Arrange petals on the round base and glue / sew each piece in place
Fold the rectangular strip to form an ‘O’ and glue or sew onto the round base.
Attach your brooch pin / alligator clip to the strip; slip in your elastic into the now circular strip and sew the two ends shut
 Attach a button or any other gem/embellishment of your choice to the center of the piece.
Piece of cake!
C’est finis.
Give yourself a pat on the back.
Whenever you are feeling bored, just get out those scraps and make some more. If you like it stiffer, you may make use of Felt as the main fabric or use stiffener on your soft fabric..
Cut-out heart shaped petals from Ankara fabric
Round piece for the base and rectangular strip for the pin
The heart shaped petals (6) arranged on the round fabric base
Petals sewn unto the base
Playing with different buttons hanging around
The winner sewn on the piece
The back view…doesn’t really look pretty from the back…you may want to use a piece of felt for the base or use fabric stiffener on the fabric for better hold
The finished piece nestling on a dress
The second piece snuggling against a wig.
Now, pick your fave out of the two and tell me what you think.
I think I prefer both as hair-pieces rather than brooch due to the size…what do you think?
Go on and have fun with this quick hair-craft. I promise this won’t take more than 10mins of your time…and you’d have made something ‘useable’…
PS: Yours MUST be neater and more beautiful than these ones o…
Much love,

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10 Replies to “DIY: LOVEly Fabric Accessory”

  1. Very creative, and I like it both ways, but agree it would be cutest in the hair as a hold back on side or for pony tail. Thanks for sharing how you make it.

    Peabea, visiting from your link at Roses of Inspiration 🙂

  2. Hello my preciou friend! How have you been? I was thrilled to see you had shared a post at Roses of Inspiration – thank you, my dear 🙂

    I am loving your cute flowers – what a clever way to make them. You know I will be making some soon. Thanks for inspiring me. Hugs to you!

  3. Very pretty! I am not very talented with crafts but I think I could handle this. I need to make one for Miss Emily for Valentine's Day…

    I am praying that this Valentine's Day is not just a positive day for love, but a positive day for Nigeria with elections if they don't postpone.

  4. Me think, I have to report to blogger about your non-update in my blog … I have to check frequently to know if you have updated!
    This is creative and pretty! I like the hair piece more, the brooch made the gown look too busy somehow sha…yep! Too big. Maybe a smaller size? WELLDONE! I must say, you are skilled. Me, I know nada! Truthfully speaking, I don't know what my skill is o! This one dem don postphone election so….

  5. My sis, don't know what the problem is anymore, I've left blogger to its devices…lol…maybe it's time for me to move to wordpress…

    I agree with you too, it kinda look busy on the dress.
    You know nada? Says who? You know plenty joor…maybe you're simply not inclined. And I'm sure if you take time to think about it, you'd discover those skills hiding somewhere waiting to be found.
    Abeg, keep praying for Nigeria…I know what will be will be even if the election is indefinitely postponed…

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