Hi friends,

Was it not yesterday that we shouted ‘happy new year’?


And now 31 days have swiftly gone by. #Thankful


Baba E se o.

In spite of all the pain and chaos, the smile remains.The blessings still flow, ceaselessly.
In the midst of sorrow et al…the blessings still flow.

From the pain in my bones to the fabric hair clip / brooch I just made this weekend. Blessings.
Food. Shelter. Family. Comfort.

We may not be able to read or watch the news of what is happening in Nigeria and all other nations at war and rejoice always but we can definitely try recounting our blessings and giving thanks ALWAYS.

You know sometimes, that injunction of constant rejoicing is one helluva task. If you’ve been closely hit by loss or any form of ugly happening, you would come close to punching anyone that reads that verse (Phil 4:4) in your hearing.
In the midst of sorrow, discord, chaos, how possible or practical is it to really..actually rejoice …ALWAYS?
I do not think praise is only about throwing our hands up in the air and swaying to an upbeat song but also about an attitude of the heart and soul that screams out that whatever our circumstance, we can still say thank you to the Giver of life. An attitude that assures that we can still trust the One who believes in us, the One through whom our wholeness comes.. the One who continues to be faithful, to love, to shield us…
It is not always about words…for we may oftentimes be too speechless to articulate our thoughts but our true connection comes from the state of our heart. Giving sincere undiluted praise…wordy or wordless, sung or unsung is the real deal and therein lies our peace and strength.
Strength to face yet another day…another month and take on whatever comes our way.

Above picture is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I saw it floating on the internet last week and it stuck with me for days, still lingers in my head and heart.
It looks very ordinary and hardly deserve a second glance but that is the picture of a mother who picked up a crying baby as she fled the boko haram ravaged city of Baga. The baby was crying beside the dead mother and this beautiful woman compromised her own safety for a brief moment that could had made the difference between life and death…just to pick the crying baby from the dead mother’s side. 
Just look at the baby. How old do you think s/he is? Doesn’t look a day older than 2 weeks.
This is just a tiny reflection of what goes on in the crisis ridden Northern part of our great nation. 
Would things ever be the same again?
Thousands displaced..I saw pictures today of people fleeing to Chad in Canoes…
Thousands -babies and grown ups are brutally slaughtered daily in the senseless battle for control. 
Control of what they did not create. SMH.
Parents without children. Children without parents. 
Children as young as ten years trained to kill…turned to suicide bombers…mere babies drafted cruelly into this senseless and meaningless war they do not even comprehend. Kids that should be playing hide and seek or football on the fields under the watchful eyes of their parents!
Yet, electioneering and propaganda continues with little thoughts for these helpless citizens while the world watches.
So difficult to…Rejoice…again, I say rejoice.
But as we commit ourselves to praising Him through this new month, it may just be a reflection of our heart and reassurance that this too will pass away and Nigeria shall experience peace, again. 
May this new month be happier than the last and may we find the strength to rejoice when we can…and to praise Him all month long.
Happy new February, friends.

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5 Replies to “Here’s to a Happier February..”

  1. Happy new month ma'am.

    Gosh, the picture is really heart tearing, but it also gives me hope that all is not lost……if this woman in her distress could still render this act of kindness, then as sure as dawn…..good will always conquer evil

  2. Happy new month my sistah.
    Indeed, there is every reason to be grateful.
    I looked at that particular picture several times when I first saw it, and said she is a hero. GOD bless and reward her for her kind heart and all departed souls rest in peace.
    Sigh! When 2 elephants fights, it's the grass that suffers. May GOD continue to keep Nigeria and deliver her children in Jesus name.Amen.

  3. Wish you same, sykik.

    It's really touching…how I wish our Leaders would have half her heart…have compassion on the people they govern and come to the rescue like they are meant to do.
    Like you noted…all is not lost…all can't be lost…good will conquer the evil in our land. Amen

  4. Wish you same, sis.
    Amen to your prayer.

    The grass is seriously suffering while the elephants gallivant all over the land…and I wonder when this will stop. We need a miracle and fast too.

  5. You strength and courage amaze me every time I read your posts. I have a hard time staying positive where I am but I know our situation is not so uncertain here. Always praying and holding on to the hope that things can get better. Please stay safe and keep going as strong as you are. I am sure you are a light to those around you.

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