So Toinlicious and New Dawn would like to know 20 random facts about me and then New Dawn tagged me as her Blog Sistah. Thanks, Sweetie pies. Never knew anyone could be interested in boring ol’ me.

Doubt the facts would be interesting but you asked for it and you’re sure getting it.

So hereafter are 20 random facts about me:

1. I really do prefer writing to talking…some people find this disconcerting but that’s me, always economical where words are concerned.

2. I am introverted, loves my own company and only socializes when it becomes absolutely necessary.

3. I am not very good at tagging and stuffs. You can tell already, right? Got tagged by Favored Woman in September, Toin and New Dawn in October and I’m responding in November only because I’ve given my word to do so!

4. If I could change anything about me, it would be my dentition. Always love the well-set, sparkling and dazzling ‘close-up’ smiles. Maybe I could really do something about it. Actually made enquiries about braces and whitening earlier in the year but maybe I’ve just not had the ‘liver’ to go for it or it’s not that important to me. It’s not inhibitory in anyway neither is it a life threatening condition…With all the disasters going on around the world, homeless kids, ebola, boko haram, IS…my dentition pales into insignificance so I’m good with this set, for now.

5. I dislike dental visits. Always nightmarish for me.

6. I hate pills in any form and shape…no, I detest taking pills. Been battling backache for months but I’ve been bailing out on the much needed medications. Just because.

7. I have zero tolerance for pain. Think tooth extraction, labor pain, whit-low incision, even dental scaling…Had a dental scaling some months back and the poor Dentist almost climbed up the wall in exasperation…lol..

8. I used to go into ‘exile’ when I was younger. It was my own way of dealing with rejection and hurts, I just withdrew straight into my shell and would start putting stuffs in my diary.

9. If it were up to me, I really would like to ‘out-source’ the cooking aspect of marriage alas…I’m not the only stakeholder in this business, so, no way… why is the stomach considered the only way to a man’s heart? ehn? Seriously, I don’t like staying on my feet for too long…

10. If it were up to me, all dem Telecommunication giants would have packed all their masts and left the Country in anger…going about with mobile phones is a real chore for me. My mobile phones have been turned into bag-phones, closet phones, etc. I always have several missed calls as a result of this and Hubby plus everyone I know complains daily. What if someone’s life / safety depends on me and I fail to pick my call when needed? *hubby’s words* …no vex, puleasse. Gotta change cos it could be infuriating and annoying.

11. I derive some certain kind of joy garbing my boys similarly, like twins. I loooove twins, I think they’re cute but baba God knew my capabilities and decided against giving me two at a time and I’m cool with that but I can still eat my cake and have it, right?  I pretend they love the same stuffs but I don’t really get different wears for them and they’re yet to start complaining. So…everyone is fine.

12. I love superheroes…seen all the spiderman series with the kids severally. If it’s on MM again, we’ll still sit with rapt attention as if it’s just been premiered. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nko? It’s an all time favorite too…

13. I love old school music. I’m really ‘old school’ at heart with some ‘old school’ values, you’d be surprised…

14. I’m trying to cure myself of procrastination. Why would anyone keep putting off indefinitely things that can be tackled immediately? Not good at all.

15. I am romantic at heart. Love all the mushy stuffs like penning letters, hand crafted cards, gifts, holding hands, kissing, etc but hubby is the opposite…the very practical type that has no time for mushy stuffs. We find a way of balancing things though, so everyone is fine.

16.  I’ve got more of brown stuffs in my closet. Come to think of it, what is my favorite color sef? *shrugs*

17. I love God and I love life. I wish everyone would really enjoy God and life the way it’s meant to be.

18. I love listening to people and I’m also a ‘people-watcher’. People are very interesting beings.

19.  I am sentimental. So much that I have letters from secondary school days, tucked away in my closet. I would bring them out, read and re-read, laugh out loud or smile to myself and tuck them away until further notice. I’ve got a necklace hubby gifted me when we were dating years back too.

20. I don’t like throwing things out. Maybe this is as an offshoot of my being sentimental. Hubby says I clutter the house with stuffs I don’t use or need but every one of those stuffs has got a special story attached to them and if I can’t find someone to give them to, I’d rather keep them than throw them out.
Can I really brace myself to throw out my boys’ blue birth wrist bands? Silly I know.
You know I wanted to keep D1’s tooth, the first one that came off but hubby outsmarted me and flushed it down the toilet. *sigh*

Yippee…I made it!


Dear New Dawn and my other Blog Visitors,

We really find pearls in the most unlikely places and when we least expected it.

You see when I first started this blogging journey, I never imagined how things would turn out or that I would meet such wonderful people around here.

In the hey days, I got introduced to a few blogs which I followed for a long while because the ‘people’ behind those blogs appeared to be awesome. But along the line, the scales fell off. I mean,those ‘awesome’ people are ‘big’ people who could really not be bothered about ‘anyone’ which is anything but nice and awesome.

Not throwing shade anyone’s way and truth be told, it has been a great journey even with all the inconsistencies and all.

Generally, one of the vital lessons picked over the course of the last year has been mentioned up there which is: pearls exist everywhere, even in the most unlikely places.

Another life lesson: Life is what you make of it. If it throws you lemon…make lemonade and smile with pride at what you’ve got, you’re actually the only one responsible for your life and happiness.

Yet another life lesson is not to expect anything from anyone- not even from blood relations, if anyone does anything for you in life…fine…if they don’t…great. Just move on and keep doing your best with your head up. God bestows blessings and life also rewards but remember that whatever one gets is a privilege and not an obligation.

I’m not complaining because through those blogs I mentioned above and through others, I stumbled on a couple of other awesome beings, like You, Stephanie, Ila, Sarah, Sykik, Thecla, Leesabeth, Chuwechuwe, Toinlicious, etc. You’ve been a blessing and I see you guys as the superheroes of my blog world. You are real as in real, relatable, ‘everyday people’, witty and loving with large hearts.

You can’t understand fully what I mean but indeed, regardless of age, geographical location, skin color or social status, we are kindred spirits…sisters and brothers. 

So, thanks to you and to everyone that reads this blog -silent and active. I see the stats and I’m always like, where are all these visitors from?

You make the journey worthwhile and you motivate me to keep at it.

You are super awesome, beautiful people and I really do love you all even though I don’t know you all.

New dawn, you are indeed my ‘Blogger-Sistah’!

May this new month be the beginning of beautiful and wondrous events in your lives and may all your dreams begin to come true.



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6 Replies to “More Tags: 20 Random details & Blog Sistahs”

  1. aWWW, thanks so much Abiola #teary eyes#….E-hug…indeed, we are all sistahs, and have come a long way for each other….I like the lessons of life you said, especially, never expect anything from anybody….thats what my parents always drummed in us….nobody owe you anything! If they give, it's a privilege….and be grateful.

    Yeah!So right! You are not into tagging and meme….ahahha….

    A woman of little words? That mean say, you go tire for me o…am a chatter box!
    Yes,you are good at pouring out your feelings on paper..your posts are a testimony to that…ahahaha….I like.

    You don't like throwing things away? ..even letter written loun-loun…(manage my yoruba o jare!)

    Procrastinator? #MFM tinz #…ahahahhaa

    People-watcher? Me too!

    Thank you for taking the time out to play the tag. Happy new month and blessed weekend to you 🙂

  2. Funny enough, I really do enjoy hanging around chatty / witty people. I no go tire for you, seriously. (You know what they say about opposites attracting…)

    Yes o…I don't like throwing letters away…who write letters this days? Indulge me abeg…lol

  3. Thanks for the mention…..bear hugs

    You should be a scientist, people watching things…….I can imagine you have a trailer load of patience…….I feel you in the emotional thingy, I wear my heart on my forehead…..Iol….no time to pretend.

    I adore twin boys…….it's on my prayer request list to baba God.


  4. @Sykik, straight from your lips/fingers t baba God's ears.

    Abiola, this was so touching *sniff*. Thanks blog sistah for everything. & yea, we know you're a writer. Your blog is one of those I can't just breeze through 😀 I have to read properly with the meticulous way you pen your thoughts. I'm a procrastinator too o (need to change that asap)

  5. I love this list… we have a few things in common too! I am introverted as well and I prefer writing over talking (must be an introverted thing).

    I dislike taking pills too.

    I love your passion for God and life! Beautiful.

    It sounds like you have found an amazing blogging tribe. What a wonderful world blogging opens up hey?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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