Gordon Brown was shown these pictures after visiting Nigeria this week. He met the leader of the community council in Chibok, the town from which the girls were abducted. Slowly and with tears in his eyes, he flicked through a file in which he had recorded the names and photographs of the girlsThe file has 185 pages - one for every girl. Each page has a photograph, and beside each passport-sized picture some stark facts - the girl's name, her school grade and the date of abduction

All they want
Is the right to life, dignity and education
To live freely, walk freely and learn freely
In a world that would bestow upon them respect

All they want
Is to bloom in the garden of life
Flourishing like palm trees lacking naught
In a world that would water their roots with love

All they want
Is to glisten like the morning dew
Wetting the feet of early risers with love
In a world that would support honest and hard work

All they want
Is to sit within the four walls of knowledge
Shaping their paths like their luckier folks in the west
In a world that would respect and support their vision

All they want
Is to laugh with abandon under the clear sky
Infecting all around with their zest for life
In a world that would embrace their gaeity

All they want
Is to feel the warmth of their mothers’ embraces
Shielding from the coldness of the elements
In a world that would protect their smiles with grace

All they want
Is to live without fear in their abodes
Surrounded by familiar and friendly faces and tongue
In a world that would soon turn against them

All they get
Is aborted dreams and visions
Encamped cruelly in a land far from accustomed comfort
In a world that has failed to stand up for them.

For our Chibok girls who have been brutally forced to become women within a spate of 2 months.

Has the world forgotten these beautiful faces so soon?
I dare to hope not.

Let’s keep calling with whatever voices we can muster,upon the powers that be to PLEASE do everything to #BringbackOurGirls. Soon too.

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3 Replies to “All They Want…#BringBackOurGirls”

  1. God heal our land, cleanse our country and hear our prayers. Please bring the chibok girls home safe and alive. Let the world know that you are ALMIGHTY

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