I wish
That wars and rumors of wars would cease
That every nation would down war tools
That our hearts and lives would know peace
That every being would live by the rules

I wish
That an end would come to vanity
That every heart would habour no thought impure
That every mean soul would regain sanity
That our heartlessness would find lasting cure

I wish
That an end would come to general fear
That our lives would be worthy of care
That everyone would live in good cheer
That lasting peace would permeate the air

I wish
That every child in the world would be secure
That they would walk freely, laugh freely and live freely
That their young hearts would nobody darkly lure
That the promise of peace would turn to reality ideally

I wish
That every unlawful captive would enjoy sweet release
That peace, love and harmony the world over increase
That our humanity would by no means reduce
That in every nation would reign peace.

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