I feel Your warmth envelope me
A zillion spidery arms in the hazy morn
Meandering the long road with eyes slightly dim
I breathe in Your touch as I’m held road borne!
This feeling of sweet companionship so mutual
A love that is deeper than the deepest ocean
Swishing all around me without being frugal
And I am forever lost in the soothingly warm motion!
Your softly broad chest above me suspend
Shielding from harm with compassion so strong
Your unselfish love I would never comprehend
To rise in splendor for me, moving mountains along!
Nowhere from your love would I ever flee
Your loving kindness like sweet creamy honey
Dripping from my ravished tongue like a bee
No wads in the till, but the days are again sunny!

© Biolaleye and Ramblings of A Nigerian Workahomom, 2014.
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