I go to bed every night with smiles playing on my lips and I personally don’t think there can be anything cuter or more inspiring than a ‘special’ nighttime prayer, consistently from the innocent heart of a 4year old boy.

You don’t agree? Ok check this scenario out.

In Jesus Name

Nobody will die in Jesus name
Fire will not burn our house in Jesus name
Fire will not burn my school in Jesus name
Fire will not burn my TV in Jesus name
Fire will not burn my toy..*insert name one after the other*.. in Jesus name
Mummy will not die in Jesus name
Mummy’s head will not ache in Jesus name
Daddy will not die in Jesus name
Daddy will not have accident in Jesus name
D2….*randomly insert friends, uncles and aunties names one after the other*…will not die in Jesus name
Eeeeeeeverybody will not die in Jesus name
Allow us to have food in Jesus name
Allow my friends to have food in Jesus name
Don’t allow me to wee wee on my bed in Jesus name
Allow me to be good in Jesus name
Allow me to have a baby girl in Jesus name
Scary ojuju will not come to my dream in Jesus name
In Jesus mighty name we pray
Praaaaaaaise the Lord

‘Mummy its your own turn’
And mummy starts praying trying hard not to allow the quiet smiles progress into laughter.

God sure hears and understands all and He can do exceedingly abundantly more than even a four year old could ever ask or imagine according to His will.

Have a blessed day people.

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23 Replies to “From The Heart of A Toddler”

  1. Hi dear Abiola! Such a sweet post. My heart is always blessed when I listen to my son pray 🙂

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog – you are a blessing.

    Hugs to you!

  2. Maybe yours and mine should come together to start a ministry…lol…kids are alike in so many ways you know…thanks for stopping by and it was my pleasure visiting you too.


  3. That's lovely prayer from an innocent heart! I was so moved! It's great training the kids in such Godly ways. They won't forget even when they are old. Thanks for stopping by blog and leaving your lovely comment Abi.

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