Maybe the title should have been T-Shirt to T-Top or T-Shirt to Convertible T-Top (if there’s anything so called) but I settled for T-Shirt Re-fashioning.

So last saturday, there I was looking at Betty and thinking of how to put her through her rounds and I just happened to remember coming across this ”old” T-shirt belonging to darling hubby while I was rummaging in our closet 2 days ago. Couldn’t remember the last time I saw him in it and I decided to put it to some good use. (Didnt wait to obtain permission, though; he arrived after I finished and I even got him to take a few blurry pictures which I decided not to share

I had an idea of what I wanted to convert it to so I set to work. Cutting, snipping and sewing. What I came up with is far from perfect but was quite easy to make and I love the feel (no be me make am?).

Pictures after the cut.

I hope I am coherent enough for you to get the process, still trying to learn how to put together patterns, tutorials, etc

From a large T-shirt

T-shirt Re-fashioning project

To an (almost) fitted ”convertible” Top

T-shirt Re-fashioning project

Convertible, as in I can wear it as an ”off-shoulder” top or as an ”on-shoulder” my own terms on this journey.

I first snipped off the sleeves:

Next I marked my desired lenght (visible in pink) from the hem or bottom.
Then the top near the ribbed neck or whatever it’s called came off:

There are 3 pieces in the picture above: the second piece was used to construct the ‘drape’ which went round the shoulders while the third/last piece was the main body of the Top / Blouse.

I took a bit of measurement to figure out how tight / free I want it to be at the waist and bust, marked it out on the material, adding 1” seam allowance and I proceeded to sew straight stitches down the side.

To make the straps, I simply made use of the scraps cut off the side and cut off two equal pieces, folded each piece in half and sewed straight down the open edge. Then I turned it (inside)out using a safety pin and attached them to the top of the Top (no pun intended)

For the drape, I measured round my shoulders to get the desired lenght. I made use of the second piece from picture 5 above. After cutting and sewing down one side, I folded it over thrice, pinned and hand-stitched to give the folded look.

The finished ”off-shoulder” Top spiced with some accessories. Check the ”fold”. Don’t check the well on the Model’s neck. Don’t check the sweat patch too. The Model had been working for 30 minutes in a poorly ventilated space. (maybe that was why the Model chose to ”hide” her sweaty face)

I present to you the completed  T-shirt re-fashioning project.

T-shirt Re-fashioning project
T-shirt Re-fashioning project

Looks better in real life. Lol.

Converted to an ”on-shoulder” Top by simply pulling the ”fold” up to cover the shoulders:

Jazz it up with some sparkly heels, sling your bag over your shoulder or clutch your purse and head off with your patner or kids or friends to that outing…lol

Actually have a ”dressed-up” picture which I got hubby to take; he just came in from work and I hijacked him to take the pictures…the result = blurry pictures
Moral of the story: Never ‘contract’ a tired man as your photographer.

And, yes, you can shop the look. (Accessories, shoes, Top) Just holla at me and pronto…you have them.

I have two more T-shirts (hubby’s of course) that I plan working on in the coming days (or weeks). This time, I will ensure I take pictures along the way and put together a more coherent tut.

In the meantime, if you get to try your hands at refashioning any old T-shirt, please feel free to share here. You may send me an email on

Datsall…from an imperfect-still-under-tutelage-seamstress.

PS: You don’t need to own a sewing machine to do this, could be hand-stitched. Get creative with those old, abandoned Ts and try your hand at one or two of T-shirt Re-fashioning.


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2 Replies to “DIY: An Adventure In T-Shirt Re-fashioning”

  1. Wow, that is an amazing re-purpose, so fashionable! It all looks very professional – good job. I found you on Sew Many Ways – Find a Friend Friday.

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