A is for Appreciation

Appreciation for the many little things we often take for granted…like having food to put in our tummy before hitting the bed, Sleeping undisturbed through the night, waking up ‘peacefully’ when we feel like, stretching our limbs and having them oblige gracefully, walking, talking, breathing unaided, having food in the […]

Help Needed To Cure An Addiction

Source Definition of terms (for non-Nigerians) Amala: Thick brown dough / paste made from grinded yam flour Ewedu: Leafy green vegetable, blended and made into draw soup Ogufe: Goat meat Buka: Mini cafeteria (Noisy, open, somewhat neat, ”airy” etc) Canteen: Midi cafeteria (Sometimes noisy, neater, a bit open, etc etc) Restaurant: Maxi cafeteria […]