A Story of Love…For YOU.

Once upon a time…time time… there were thirteen friends who walked the surface of the earth. Everybody knew them because they went everywhere together, visited each others homes, studied together, prayed together, organized tutorials for people and ate together. So great was the love that existed among them.They were like […]

Meet Betty…

Warning: This post is actually ”2 in 1”!   Number One   I first met Betty in September, 2012 at a time I needed a friend to encourage my latest exploit / passion.   Immediately I set my eyes on her, we took to each other like fish to water and […]

Celebrating My Superwomen

Today, March 8 is the International Women’s day and what better way to celebrate than to recognise the numerous women of honor that have made impacts in their chosen fields of endeavor. About the International Women’s DayThe IWD is the day set aside globally to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements […]