Just want to share my encounter with one of the ‘ damfo’ drivers on my way from work this evening.
I Was driving slowly, taking my time to savour the rare pleasure of a ‘trafficjam-free’ evening while quietly humming to a song playing on the CD player.

Was driving on the left side of the dual service lane like we know it while on my right was this yellow mini bus, directly cruising beside me. A car was in front of the bus already ‘trafficating’ to turn into one of the streets off the main road we were travelling on.

All of a sudden, without any form of warning, the damfo beside me just veered onto my lane, almost taking my fender with him! Thankfully, my horn was okay and the brake was in good condition and I did put both to good use as the ocassion demanded.

Now, for those who are familiar with the city of Lagos and the intriguing damfo drivers, you would know they never have trafficators and some have actually perfected the art of making use of their hands for this function. My damfo driver friend did not have trafficators neither did he exhibit the courtesy of using his hand or ‘conductor’ to indicate his intention.

Despite allowing him to move in and while I was still recovering from the close shave I just had, my driver friend had the guts to shout expletives at me.

Yours truly was literally incensed, certainly wasn’t going to allow that pass.

I stepped on the accelerator and pulled up beside him, had to match him venom for venom.

Driver: ‘Learner osi, Oo lo gba driver’ (bloody learner, better go and get a driver)
Me: ‘Ode, se bi won se n drive niyen?(dunce, is that the way to drive?)

I engaged him in a war of words for the few seconds I could spare before driving off, momentarily pleased for not allowing his insults and act of recklessness to pass.

It lasted only a second before I began to ponder on the whole scenario.

What exactly did I gain from wasting my energy on someone that apparently had no sense of what is right or not. Energy that could had been put to positive use. Would had been more dignifying to just let him go and continue carefully on my journey rather than what played out.

Most of these guys are uncultured and do not posess the ability to think or act right. Some are usually ‘high’ before taking to the wheels and would gladly bring even the most polished individual down to their level.

They live in a world of their own, create their laws and live by their own rules, unaffected by the opinion of any other individual outside their clan. You either take it or go jump off the third mainland bridge into the lagoon.

To sum it up, they are the kings of the road here in Lagos State.


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