Just went to check out some books at the bookstore nearby; going in through the gate striding towards the store, who did I see but this pretty diva-wannabe-fashion-conscious-to-the-point-of-torture young woman.
Now, why did I, like almost everyone else making their way into the mall rest my gaze on this pretty diva-wannabe-fashion-conscious-to-the-point-of torture young woman?

She was gingerly picking her steps like there were hot stones underneath her feet, turning the expanse of the shopping mall packing space into her runway, and making herself a spectacle for all who cared to pause and revel in the stupidity of the typical Nigerian woman. She had on this 4/5inch (didn’t measure, but the pair was really high) stiletto high heels.

Haba. Those kind of back distorting, ankle breaking shoes are not meant for walking.

I possess a couple of the high wonders -though none as high as 4in- myself and would definitely not mind a couple of Louboutins but I have lately started wondering why we have to subject ourselves to this level of torture, all for what?

For some sisters, it makes them feel more confident while it elongate the legs of the vertically challenged ones. Yet for some, it is purely to make a fashion statement.

Wahala dey..

Once upon a time, a young lady had to take off the punishing shoes and resorted to completing the rest of her shopping barefooted. High heeled shoes are not meant for walking, abeg, let’s stop this fashion ‘madness.

Agreed, wearing high heels can be fashionable and may make one feel taller, but at what price? Just check out the effects of wearing high heels hereunder:


A high heel shoe puts your foot in a ‘foot pointed downward’ position, placing an increased amount of pressure on your forefoot. This causes you to adjust the rest of your body to maintain your balance. The lower part of your body leans forward and to compensate for that, the upper part of your body must lean back to keep you balanced. This would inadvertently lead to bad posture as it is not the normal body posture.


Walking in high heel shoes is like walking on a balance beam. It takes a lot of balance and just like teetering on a beam, there is not any support in a high heel shoe to catch you if you fall. High heel shoes cause your foot and ankle to move in a outward position. You may well lose your balance and sprain your ankles.


The normal s-curve shape of the back acts as a shock absorber, reducing  stress on the vertebrae. High heel shoes cause you to lean forward and the body’s response to that is to decrease the forward curve of your lower back to help keep you in line. Poor alignment may lead to muscle overuse and back pain.


The hip flexor muscles are located on the upper front part of your thighs. They are forced to work much harder and longer to help you walk because your feet are held in a downward position (plantarflexed) and have reduced power to move your body forward. If your hip flexor muscles are chronically overused, the muscles can shorten and a contracture can occur. If a contracture occurs, this could lead to flattening of the lumbar (low-back) spine.


Knee pain is found to be common in women. This may be attributed to our love of the ‘killer heels’ that blame may be due to high heels. High heels increase the distance from the floor to the knee and can result in increased knee torque which can also lead to osteoarthritis.


High heels limit the motion and power of the ankle joint. The calf muscles are shortened because of the heel height. The shortened muscles cause them to lose power when trying to push the foot off of the ground. The position of the ankle may also cause a shortening of the achilles tendon. This can increase the pull of the achilles tendon where it attaches on the back of the heel bone.


With the foot in a downward position, there is significant increase in the pressure on the bottom of the forefoot. The pressure increases as the height of the shoe heel increases. Wearing a 3 1/4 inch heel increases the pressure on the bottom of the forefoot by 76%. The increased pressure may lead to pain or foot deformities such as hammer toes, bunions, bunionettes (tailor’s bunions) and neuromas.

Skin and Toes

The narrow, pointed toe box that is often found in high heel shoes also causes damage such as corns, callouses and blisters.

Why are babies’ or toddler’s toes spread apart and adults’ toes are usually squished together?. If you look at an adult’s foot, their toes are usually squished together. A lot of times this is due to the footwear that has been worn.

Please Save Your Feet

The body is a machine which needs to be well kept and in alignment at all times. High heels may be kept for special occasions, but for everyday runs, shopping, work, etc, it is better to keep it moderate.

Our feet and body would thank us and we would save ourselves the avoidable trips to the hospital.

God Save The Nigerian Woman.

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