Salon Vibes

Yes, I was at the salon yesterday readiness for the new week.

And what is so spectacular about that, you may want to ask, abeg, let me land first. So where was I? Okay, I was at the salon and as I was sitting and trying to arrange myself and legs to prevent passersby from know…while enduring the head pushing and pulling that normally accompany such ‘endeavors’ without wincing, I could not but listen to the conversation between the ‘manageress‘ and her friend that came visiting.
They apparently just lost somebody dear to them, a woman in her early forties. While any death (human or animals) at all is sad, be it of the elderly or youth -we all have people to whom we are very dear, people to whom we are everything- this was especially painful to them because the kids are still young and she has ‘suffered’, etc
According to them, she stuck with the husband through thick and thin, when they lived in ‘face me I face you‘, not being able to afford 3 triangular abi square meals, etc. Even then, claims of the husband harsh treatment of the wife were rife and then the husband’s breakthrough came and they were liberated from suffering and joined the big league or high flyers.

To compensate the wife for her patience and endurance, the husband built and ‘handed’ her a ‘duplex’ which was greatly celebrated few months (I think I heard 2 mths) before her demise…and took a new wife! And then the wife’s ailment started eventually culminating in her death sometimes last week.

Cause of death (medical): Cancer of…(didnt get that)
Cause of death (spiritual):   ‘Ofa Aye’  (how do I translate this?..ok, death caused by ‘wicked forces’)

Of course the proponents of the second cause pointed to one source..(I leave you to fill in the gap)
While not disputing the fact that wickedness in the high places truly exist, we must be careful not to attribute every bad occurences to ‘them’. Steadfast prayers do work (I can attest to that) but giving Chloroquin to treat an ailment that requires antibiotics might not bring out the desired effect. While I do not have the full facts and as the discussants later moved out of hearing range, maybe if proper medical attention was combined with prayers, maybe, she would still be alive. I don’t want to delve into the issue of second wives and beastly husbands, etc.

May her soul RIP and may her kids be divinely taken care of.

To the living, appreciate life and make the most of it.

(By this time, I was almost done, thankfully and couldn’t wait to get out of the place)

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