Here are Five Truths About Sexual Predators

Dear Father on Radio, I love how you love your little girl, enough to phone in on that radio program -to weigh in on a ‘controversial’ issue affecting another young girl in another school. To be honest, the sexual harassment case that went round (the Nigerian) social media some weeks back had […]

Journey To Self Discovery : 6 Routes to Try

A long and lonely road depicting the journey to self discovery

They say there are three things extremely hard in life: Steel, Diamond and Self discovery. Parenting can be so fulfilling and rewarding that we often immerse ourselves totally in the exciting waters of school runs, wiping running noses, loving, making endless dinner / breakfast, settling squabbles, etc while trying not […]

One Positive Parenting Tip (& more) That Can Save Your Child’s Life

Positive parenting tips guaranteed to save your child's life.

Positive parenting is fast becoming a core skill requirement for parents focused on raising healthy and balanced children; I believe you agree with me a tiny bit seeing that you’re on this page. Truth is, where parenting is concerned, there is no one-size-fits-all approach considering that we all have our […]