Mixed-Veggies Fried Rice: Quick + Easy Recipe

I know it’s been a while and I tell you, the latest hiatus was unplanned.

What better way to re-start ‘my engine’ than to pretend I am doing some world of good in encouraging tempting someone to try this nutritious (medley) mixed-veggies fried rice?


mixed-veggies fried rice recipe


In my quest to inculcate healthy living / eating, I had succeeded in weaning myself and my household off MSG (to an extent) and I am now more in favor of natural herbs and spices.

For one, the ‘replacements’ are Natural with a capital N and really¬†tastier.

I mean when we get round to convincing our taste buds to forget the unhealthy tastiness of the MSG-filled spices and seasonings available all around us, we’d get to agree that they are actually a tastier and healthier option.

So, let’s get round to the much-touted easy recipe for this delicious goodness called the mixed-veggies fried rice.


Rice (white / brown / short or long-grained)

Olive oil (or any oil of your choice)

Moringa (leaves, preferably fresh)




Green peas


Spring onions; white onions


Green pepper -1

Bell (red) pepper -1

Salt / seasoning to taste


-Chop / mince the veggies and combine in a bowl, season with salt or as desired.

-Cover and refrigerate for 10 – 20 minutes to allow the salt / seasoning seep in.

-In a pot, bring water to boil and add your desired quantity of white rice.

-Parboil by allowing to boil for 15 minutes and proceed to wash away the starch until water changes from milky to clear. Drain rice in a sieve and set aside.

-Heat 2 spoonful of oil in a different pot / saucepan / wok over medium heat. Add the pre-seasoned veggies -onions, pepper, garlic, ginger leaving out the peas, moringa leaves and prawns.

-Fry lightly for 2 minutes.

-Increase the heat to high and stir in the parboiled rice, prawns, turmeric and moringa leaves.

-Stir-fry for 3 minutes, add just a little water / chicken broth.

-Add green peas and cover the pot.

-Check for the ‘softness’ of the rice, if not fully cooked, add chicken broth / water as needed.

-Taste for salt and leave to cook some more, for about 2 – 5 minutes -stirring occasionally.

Scoop unto a plate, add your lightly fried chicken / fish and garnish with egg as desired.

I kinda love the yellowish color which is due to the Turmeric.

healthy mixed-veggies fried rice recipe

Is this something you might try?

Please say yes..