Daily Learning through the Seeing

daily learning

Daily, I see pretty littleĀ birds flapping their wings across the sky,
Daily, I see and hear crickets chirping without fail,
Daily, I see rodents scurrying fast across the yard,
Daily, I see pre-puberty ones plying the streets with their wares balanced precariously on their young heads,

Daily, I see and read millions dying needlessly on the pages of the web,
Daily, I see choices we make and fail to make,
Daily, I see chances we take and fail to take,
Daily, I see opportunities to learn through the seeing.


Daily, I learn that pretty little birds care less about bumping into other bubbles of feathers, in the clear-wide sky,

Daily, I learn that crickets care less about being lone voices in the sometimes quiet night,

Daily, I learn that rodents -driven by hunger fear no stamp of feet in their foraging adventures,

Daily, I learn that young children are painfully not un-industrious in the face of adversity,

Daily, I learn that the fine line between human classes are ever so slightly colored by grace,

Daily, I learn to guard the hope I harbor and the grace I enjoy jealously, never to be taken for granted,

Daily, I learn that chances lost are not to be mourned but to be perched upon for the next chance on the horizon,

Daily, I learn that wasted learning opportunities are the saddest unlearning diseases plaguing mankind.