Daily Learning through the Seeing

daily learning

Daily, I see pretty little birds flapping their wings across the sky,
Daily, I see and hear crickets chirping without fail,
Daily, I see rodents scurrying fast across the yard,
Daily, I see pre-puberty ones plying the streets with their wares balanced precariously on their young heads,

Daily, I see and read millions dying needlessly on the pages of the web,
Daily, I see choices we make and fail to make,
Daily, I see chances we take and fail to take,
Daily, I see opportunities to learn through the seeing.


Daily, I learn that pretty little birds care less about bumping into other bubbles of feathers, in the clear-wide sky,

Daily, I learn that crickets care less about being lone voices in the sometimes quiet night,

Daily, I learn that rodents -driven by hunger fear no stamp of feet in their foraging adventures,

Daily, I learn that young children are painfully not un-industrious in the face of adversity,

Daily, I learn that the fine line between human classes are ever so slightly colored by grace,

Daily, I learn to guard the hope I harbor and the grace I enjoy jealously, never to be taken for granted,

Daily, I learn that chances lost are not to be mourned but to be perched upon for the next chance on the horizon,

Daily, I learn that wasted learning opportunities are the saddest unlearning diseases plaguing mankind.


Shadow of Your WIngs

Shadow of your wings










In the shadow of your wings

I feel your love in the winds

Soothing in all their intensity

Gently caressing my lone entity.


The farther inwards I burrow

The longer your shadow grows

Engulfing me without reserve

Coolly preserving when I don’t deserve.


Has any other place such tendencies to nurture?

Or to protect from scorching worldly tortures?

Those who embrace the extended mercy

Thrives in love within the shadow’s leniency.


When unsure…Breathe


I watch you gleefully skip down the stairway

Unaware of the uncertainty in my eyes, you were

On this exciting path, yet untrod by you

Can you feel me hold my breath?


See how my heart follow your little steps

As I try to bravely cheer you on this lone journey

My voice yearns to be the loudest in your heart

Thunderous in the stillness of the day.


Today, you are released like a dove

To breathe as you flap in readiness to explore

The world beckons now to see you unfold

I fear no more for the WORD is with you.



So today, we made a huge leap.

Yeah, it is a big leap…and an unrehearsed one at that.  I had wanted to do this for a while as part of teaching the lil men self-confidence.

I guess it is in order to be proud of such insignificant moments that defines the beginning of independence, even if such steps consists of going on errands, alone, for the first time.

A world breaking record, that one. Considering the high-fiving and dancing that attended the ‘coming home’ celebration.

The lofty achievement seriously consists of allowing D1 go on an errand, all by himself. And then I followed him all the way with my heart, holding my breath…watching anxiously from our second floor window, to ensure absolute ‘compliance’ to the instructions.

Okay, I knew he was going to be fine. But seriously, I could not but watch to ensure he was truly okay. Because I was unsure of my decision.

Mama is going to be anxiously breathing down your neck at every turn…watch out for that.

Down the stairs and out on to the road. Okay, not exactly onto the road.

By the road and on the road aren’t the same thing now, are they?

He went, happy to be doing a big something grown ups do. Glad to be set free to run ‘big-boy’ errands.

Parenting consists of such moments, so I am learning. Tiny baby steps turning to bigger toddler strides of insignificant but poignant achievements.

And regardless of the pep talks and self encouragement, the strands of colorful worrying chromosome isn’t going to just disappear from our Parent DNA.

I worried about so much even though the errand took all of 3 minutes.

Like, is it okay to send him all by himself out into the world?

I exaggerate. I know, considering that ‘the world’ here is just downstairs to hand over a key to someone by the side of the road.

But I worried, still. And he made it.

And we high-fived and sang and did our silly little dance.

Only then was I able to breathe more easily..so here is to more of such breathe – easy moments.

Th whole point of this silly little story is: whenever you are the main character in one of such earth-moving parenting movies, remember to stop ‘over-parenting’ or being ‘over-protective’ for a few seconds and BREATHE because…it would be fine.

Another point is…we cannot hold them in our arms forever but our hearts will keep following their little steps. And that is just fine.

One more point is…they would be fine without us breathing down their necks…so we can just relax knowing that we had brought them up to be able to hold their own (in this wild wild world)…to be strong and compliant…

…most importantly, they would be fine because God’s eyes are on them…EVERY second.





Bedtime, they say but not yet..the mind whispers,

Ending the travails of the day to embrace the hope named tomorrow.

Deaden the distracting sounds of the world and drift inwards,

Turning and tossing through the colorful scenes of yesteryear.

Isn’t the mind a playground of THE past as well as a window to THE future?

Miraculously, the window is thrown open as the playground loses its appeal.

Ease ever so gently into peace-land for yes, it is Bedtime.



Kindred Spirits

Your smile cracks through like the morning dew
Yet through it all your heart cries shine forth
Try as you may to mask the pains
Yet they bubble through like fresh brew

We know God’s care is sacrosanct, but life is hardly fair
Often wearying her loyal inhabitants
As she relishes dishing out mixed croissants
But hunger for more, we dare

Friends are sent from above to hold our hearts and hands
Sweet companions on this journey fraught with joys and pains
Trying to assuage regardless of gains
But we need to navigate the bumps minding the bands

Tears and groaning will soon be gone
For we see the glimmers peeking from behind the cloud
Struggling to break free to embrace, and you to warmly daub
But with the struggles, one more time, we need be done

The heart yearns to make it better
Yet worse it might become
As we struggle to find answers alone on the dome
Which has since threatened to become a crater

Raise your head and look to Him, grit not your teeth
As you try to suppress the feelings and anguish
While hands and hearts we hold on the pitch
Like the kindred spirits we have become.

*To YOU and everyone going through any form of painful situation, distress or confusion…look solely up to HIM for solutions…lean ‘slightly’ on  friends…more on Him and remain STRONG…indeed, you are not alone.

© Biolaleye and Ramblings of A Nigerian Momaholic, 2015.
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Mine & Yours

They bully
They rally
They scream
Their eyes gleam
With the brightness of life

Deeper goes my head into the laptop
Lest I become a big-mummy flop
While I pretend to be too engrossed
To be affected by the chaos now embossed
Robbing of the desired quietude within

Not one given to dramatics
But I still crave time for personal antics
Yet nothing would make me decline
An offer to bond with these ones I call mine
Every moment well-scripted lines in time

But I do wonder if they are truly mine
Though they were once shielded by my spine
All of me being poured into the nurturing
A very careful preparation for the maturing
Before being expelled to make their foray onwards

Doesn’t the word say they are His heritage?
Rewards from the throne of grace into marriages
They are gifts merely entrusted into earthly care
For a time to watch, guide and keep from every snare
However, I am glad to still call them mine, albeit for a time.

Now I call on You as a daughter
Every soul reading this fill with laughter
May You grant every broken soul
Your awesome gifts to console
As I remain thankful for mine.

© Biolaleye and Ramblings of A Nigerian Momaholic, 2014.
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material or any other material on this site without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Biolaleye and Ramblings of A Nigerian Momaholic with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.