(Dare to Dream) Henry Worsley: The Man Who Trekked the Antarctica…Almost

Henry Worsley: Lessons From the Man Who Trekked the Antarctica

I love Henry Worsley.

Henry Worsley

And I did not even know he existed until a year and a month ago (or thereabouts). You may be wondering who this man is.

He was the man who attempted to cross the Antarctica, unaided and unsupported.

I wished he had succeeded, unfortunately he never made it through as his organs shut down on him due to complications arising from his gallant attempt.

You may wonder why this is worthy of a post here after a year as I am not related to Henry, neither was he my friend or a friend of any of my friends.

His story resonated deeply with me and pulled a chord. Or two. Still does.

He was a parent for one. He had a wife and two children who all loved him and were rooting for him along with the rest of the world.

Even now, I hope they remember him always with a smile playing on their lips.

I hope they are proud of his feat even though his body shut down on him and the world lost him, 48km / 30miles shy of the finish line when the temperatures fell dangerously low (below 40degrees Celcius).

He is British, I am Nigerian but I am proud of him.

Okay. Why am I even posting this after 1 year?

Probably because I had recently been thinking of dreams and goals and actualizations, etc etc.

(Hint: this post had been lying in the draft folder since the week he died!!)

You see, my little boy asked me some days after he died (out of the blues as usual) whether the Antartica could be flooded just like ‘America’ (Some parts of America got flooded around that same period)….I said no…I might be wrong.

I mean, isn’t the Antarctica meant to be icy? So what business does any flood have over there? Except of course the flood is icy as well, in which case it would cease being a flood. Not making much sense, I know.

But there are more than one zillion unflooded Antarctica out there as there are many Henrys, like You and I.

I digress.

When the Henry Worsley’s story broke in 2016, I wondered where one gets the strength to go on such seemingly out-of-reach expeditions.

Pause. Take a deep breathe.

Now ask yourself what drives a human being across a continent, alone for 70+ days?

Maybe you know, like I do that whatever our minds can conceive is halfway to being achieved. It all really starts from the mind -that fertile land where ideas are birthed (as well as where successes and failures are conceived)

Note that Henry did not just set off on a whim of something nice out there to be conquered.

He reportedly planned thoroughly and meticulously and even raised a sizable sum of money for a Fund that supports injured service men and women.

He was a former army officer so he had a good idea of what was out there on the Antarctica.

A resolution which became a goal that must be achieved.

He dared to dream, and to work and walk his dreams.

We all dream. And pen down our goals and visions from time to time but ‘working and walking’ our dreams is where the juice lies and that is where we (read: I) often fall short.

Last year, I had several ‘dreams’, I still do.

You see, we all want to get to our destinations, to leave our footsteps on the sands of time but without doing the work and walk- mileage, guaranteed to get us there.

I want to change that, this year. Like Henry.

For me, Henry did not fail. He saw the Summit but his body unfortunately failed him and I still am humbled by his feat even as I pondered on my own life. He made history.

His final (recorded) words before being airlifted to an hospital where he died in Chile:

“My summit is just out of reach, having been a career soldier for 36 years and recently retired, it has been a way of giving back to those far less fortunate than me.”

What a man..and what a way to bow out!

Beyond glamorizing his feat, some of the Key lessons for me from Henry Worsley which I want to remember as I walk through 2017:
  • Dare to dream
  • Let your dreams be bigger than you
  • If your mind can conceive it, your mind can also drive your body to achieve it or stifle it!
  • Plan, plan and plan but do not spend your lifetime planning,
  • ‘Work and walk’ your dream
  • In walking, know when to call for help
  • Get as much help as required to achieve success
  • You do not need to work and walk unaided.
  • Even after dreaming, working and walking, things may still go wrong along the way
  • Do not give up if you still have breathe in you, go back, re-strategize, continue on your ‘way’!

Are you dreaming yet?

PS: Hope 2017 is beginning to take shape for you..

PPS: Do have a ‘dreamfilled’ week.



Err…Glossophobia, Anyone?

I just added a new word to my glossary today…Glossophobia.


Image credit: Pixabay

Peradventure you didn’t know, Glossophobia, according to Wikipedia is the fear of public speaking or speaking in general. And that aptly defines me. Or even you.

Here’s hoping none of the folks at my work place stumble on this but whenever it gets close to my turn to present my departmental report at the monthly management meetings, my lips suddenly become dry, my heart triples her thudding / palpitations, my tummy clenches her fists and my bowel almost always needs to see the inside of the loo.

You’d think that having done this for over 6 years, it’d be better and easier but, err, no..it doesn’t.

I always manage to get float through it every time but..err..whenever I need to face any kind of audience outside the workplace, the butterflies in my tummy still gets in formation to perform their rumba traditional dance. My legs still wobble uncontrollably and my voice still shake in sympathy with my head.

And all these while, I never even knew that this condition of mine had such a fancy name. Glossophobia!

How glossophobic are you?

It has been claimed that about 75% of people / speakers still get a fair dose of anxiety / nervousness before / during their big speeches. Now, that’s some consolation there.  (at least, I am not alone)

In actual fact, surveys have shown that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death (Wikipedia). Now, that’s a new one for me.

If untreated, public speaking anxiety (as other mental health problems) can cause serious detrimental effects on people in general, as it may prevent them from accomplishing their life goals…very true..glossophobia can be greatly inhibitive.

On a scale of 1 – 10, my glossophobic level should be a 9.999 (1 being the lowest…), I bet for seasoned speakers aka experts, it is between 0.99 – 1.99. That’s why they are ‘seasoned‘ in the first place.

However, the beautiful truth is that anybody could migrate from 9.999 to 0.999 on the glossophobic scale.

I am consciously working on mine (definitely not waiting to be shocked into action anymore).

I recently shared on my Instagram page how I had to address a kind of audience I had never addressed before.

It was during a mid-week service and I had been given a few days notice to lead the church. This is usually in the form of sermon and prayers lasting an hour long.

Okay, it was not really a few days notice, more like a few months..*staring at feet*..

To be honest, my Pastor brought it up a couple of months back and I tried to put up a weak defense about how I had never done anything like that before, etc, etc..then he said okay, how about we try in 2 months time?

I agreed, hoping he would come to realize there are a couple of willing and professional speakers out there..and maybe he’d forget completely. How wrong I was.

I still got called upon a week before I was meant to do ‘it’ and my heart started dancing.

Through the rumba dance, wobbly legs and quivering voice, I ehmd, ahned and errd through it and did just fine, even better than I thought.

What’s with speakers pausing during their speeches or interjecting everything with ehm…ah…and err…? I recorded my session and counted a couple of ehms and errs in there.

For me, it does not matter whether the audience is 4 or 400 and neither does it matter whether it is the 1st or 100th time delivering a speech, these things happen and they will continue to happen.

Especially if you are excrutiatingly introverted, like yours truly.

Fact is: I dreaded speaking!

Silly, I know.

Considering that I am in a role where I have to come up with words / presentations off the cue and also have to lead others.

Manifestations of Glossophobia

In case you need to know, below are the symptoms of Glossophobia:

  • Severe anxiety even at the thought of having to verbally communicate before any audience
  • Avoidance of events which focus too much on individuals in attendance…think management reviews
  • Distress -physical or otherwise, nausea, sudden bowel movement aka dysentry or feelings of panic in such circumstances.

The following can help deal with this fear: 

-Attending training courses / programs in public speaking (can help dispel with the fears, or some of the fears),

-Getting hold of self-help materials (to pore over and digest),

-Watching / listening to recordings / clips of well known introverted speakers (can help if you are an introvert plagued with this).

Public Speaking Tips for Non-Speakers / Introverts (from an Introvert who’s been there)

The thing is this, introverts more often than not suffer from Glossophobia.

Remember we do not like speaking or interacting much in the first place. Having us speak before more than 1 person is bound to make the earth cave in. Or not.

Now it does not matter whether it is an audience comprising of 4 people with whom we just drank tea or 400 people from Mars, the fear is the same.

Here is what I did in preparing for the above referenced presentation:

-I chose a topic I am comfortable speaking on…I love the story of Ruth and Naomi..

-I rehearsed a couple of times during the week, 1 hour at a time..

-I got into the venue before the program began..

-I got into the space I was to speak from, held the mic, walked around the podium and gazed across the empty pews..

Here are 10 tips to overcome Glossophobia whenever you have an impending Presentation:

  • Pick a topic you are comfortable discussing without running out of ideas / words,
  • If you are not at liberty to pick your topic, research deeply the topic chosen for you,
  • Know the topic very well, so well that you can speak without glancing at a note for 5-10 minutes at a stretch,
  • Listen to previous speakers on the subject or read up on previous presentations on the topic,
  • Rehearse your speech alone at least three times before your big day,
  • Rehearse in front of a mirror or a friend / partner, etc,
  • Know your time limit and prepare accordingly..do not overshoot the allotted time,
  • Ensure you get to the venue ahead of your presentation,
  • Get behind the desk / podium, if you are using one and have a feel of the ambiance of the hall,
  • Have a feel of the ‘tools’ (microphone, laptop, projector, etc) you are going to use in delivering your presentation.

10 things you can do during your presentation:

  • Take several deep breaths before launching into your speech,
  • Make it a point of duty to smile during your opening and through your speech,
  • Be steady / calm…what’s the worst that could happen anyway?
  • Tell a real life / fictional story that relates to your topic..people love them…and use anecdotes,
  • Focus less on your fears and your wobbly legs and more on the people facing you,
  • If using a desk / lectern, rest your free hand on it for brief moments, you can also lean slightly for brief moments
  • Make use of hand gestures to drive home your point…do not stand in a spot throughout..MOVE round
  • Focus on one or two friendly faces in the crowd and often direct your words at them
  • It is okay to pause, take deep breaths, involve the audience, ask questions and use those moments to gain some composure (and regain your line of thought)…
  • Glance only occasionally at your note..do not read or reel out your points, rather engage the audience

In all, do not take yourself too seriously…smile, flow along and simply have fun.

I have used some of the above tips previously and I used all during my last stint behind the microphone.

You know, after my session, I could not wait to escape to gulp some much needed fresh air (and also to berate myself slightly) only to hear somebody calling out to me.

Turned out I touched more than 1 person.

And that is a miracle. One I need repeated…through me and you.

Have you suffered / Are you suffering from Glossophobia?

How are you dealing with it?




How To Optimize Instagram Posts (for Business or Fun)

How to optimize instagram posts for business or fun

Social media can really be a chore…especially for bloggers and business owners.

I mean, you are forever thinking of how to improve your content and business, take good pictures, edit and upload, write stories on them and you do all that only to end up getting 1 or 2 likes. After 1 week of putting up dem pictures!

I know, I deal with it daily…or anytime I put up a post on here and share on my social media handles. But I’m not miserable, yet.

Today, I miss the days of yore when you just write posts for fun and get on with your life. It appears a great emphasis is on likes and the business angles these days.  (Can’t blame anyone)

The waters are getting murkier with each passing minute.

What can the righteous do?

I had an interesting discussion with a young business owner who is also my colleague at work, two days ago. She bakes and very well too. I cannot even begin to understand how she manages to cook up such beautiful stuffs alongside her 8 – 5. I mean, she is one really good baker and go-getter.

So, she wanted to post pictures of her latest efforts, about 12 yummy beauties on her Instagram handle and sought my advise on how to gain some exposure.

You see, she is very diligent..with her work and also with posting for the ‘world’ to see on her Instagram page. The only hitch is that her ‘world’ sees or maybe a tiny fraction of her world sees and she ends up getting at most 5 likes. For somebody who have over 200 followers, that is very mean but that is a post for another day.

She was given a few tips by yours truly which she implemented and the following day, guess what happened?

I got a hearty thank you as she stepped foot in the work area plus a happy ‘I am loving every bit of this now’.
No kidding.

That got me thinking about how maybe one or two other people could also use these tips to improve their visibility on the ‘gram.

Instagram is very serious business these days. Folks are not playing anymore, except me…of course…that’s considering that about the only stuff I try to sell on Instagram is this site but I have friends who get their major businesses from Instagram. (My re-thinking cap is on though)

How to Optimize Instagram Posts..

..for business or fun.

I’ve got 5 tips for you here to use to optimize Instagram posts for higher returns or simply for fun.

  • Take very clear and sharp pictures and crop out unnecessary details..(I know, I should take my own advise..)
  • If you can, write a little story giving a glimpse of the ‘behind the scene’ or why the picture is ‘gram-worthy
  • Use hashtags
  • Use more hashtags
  • And use some more hashtags!

Let me explain a bit.

To optimize instagram posts is to increase the visibility of your post and not necessarily to gain more followers. That is a bonus by the way.

You want to gain some mileage and get the best out of your efforts. It is normal, we all crave some form of returns.

When we write or post, we have an audience in mind and we have an objective. We want to be heard, to be seen and to be liked. Yes.

I must point out that ‘likes’ does not always equate cash but it could lead to some cash coming in if you are pretty consistent.

To optimize Instagram posts, you firstly need to ensure you come up with very clear professional-like pictures…not the crappy or shadowy ones I have on my page, taken with my Samsung phone in my poorly lit kitchen!

Now, you do not have to break the bank or borrow just to get yourself one of those fancy high-tech Canon DSLR. A good phone will do just fine, only ensure you utilize natural lights as much as possible to give you the best results.

Best results being pictures that are clear and sharp enough, devoid of shadows.

Truth is, if your pictures hurt the eyes, chances are viewers will not bother reading through your story or what the picture is about.

When that hurdle is out of the way, try and come up with a few choice words telling the story behind the picture. People love stories, so give them one.

If you are not a writer and words are hard to come by, not to worry…move on to the next tip.

Hashtag every picture of yours.

This is because hashtags project your page and image. They make your image / post rank high in the ‘google / search engine’ of Instagram.

Hashtags know no boundary or limits when properly utilized. Proper use of (creative) hashtags that relates to your subject increase your visibility beyond your page or followers. I can testify to that and my colleague testified to that, just yesterday.

So, get on with it and apply these few tips to test the veracity of my claims.

Be creative.

Do you have any other ways to optimize Instagram posts for fun or business?


Time waits…

Time waits for no (wo)man

Time does a pretty poor job of waiting.

Or how else could one explain the fact that we are already done with the first 6 months of 2016 and my list of goals is still far from being fully dealt with?

I know I am not the only one with their Goals list not even halfway dusted.

(I hope I am not alone…tell me I am not the only one…but it’s okay if I am…I am cool with that…I am cool like that)

Truth is, I’m not too good at adhering to deadlines. It’s a very bad trait that has to do with poor time management skills, I know.

Hubby still reminded me of that wonderful quality of mine this morning.

Him: When is D2’s ‘graduation’?

Me: I ‘think’ July 9 or thereabouts..

Him: Is there anything we need to get him for the event?

Me: ‘They’ sent a memo from the school last week asking us to get him a black suit…white shirt and bowtie

Him: Since last week?…if you like, wait till the last minute but just don’t ‘start’ chasing me all around with phone calls asking me to ‘start looking’ for black suits all over Lagos one day to the event…

Bros, don’t worry..I will handle it.

Yeah. Like I did during the kiddies show earlier in the month…when I started scouting for a plain black T-shirt (after work..late into the night) a day to an event for which I got the memo 3 weeks in advance!

Blame it all on the pregnancy brain…5 years after.

But I digress. Enough of me and my absent-mindedness, for now. This is really not about deadlines, we will get round to that some other time.


Seeing that the first half of the year is practically over, what have you been up to?

What have I been up to?

Am I the only one here who feels that time flies too swiftly? I mean, when did we ring in the new year? Just yesterday…it seems.

I remember a favorite (growing up) song of my dads mine (by Christie Essien Igbokwe…sure you don’t know her).

The chorus goes thus:

”Time waits for no man…man waits for time..use your talents successfully…yeah yeah yeah…”

(Who else has / had a beautiful little turntable box perched majestically atop a black shelf with tens of albums of Boney M, Christie Igbokwe, Sunny Ade, Obey Commander, Sunny Okosun…flanking it on both sides?…pretty old school..very)

Time is mean…it waits for no man. Does not wait for me to get my acts together and start acting on my dreams and goals.

Time waits for no one.

We are the one who always wait for the ‘right’ time to start taking the little steps that would develop into giant strides.

Perfect time. Perfect opportunities. Perfect mood. Perfect family. Perfect size. Perfect shape. Perfect weather.

Truth is, there never is going to be a right time for us to start actualizing our goals.

There is never going to be ‘the’ perfect time to get started.

We are the ones to create the right and perfect time out of the imperfect situations around us.

I mean If I whine from now till eternity, it does not change the fact that I have only 24 hours daily..to live…and create…and impact (throw in some sleep, squabbles, refereeing, school runs, work, writing, cooking, etc)

A friend told me about an acquaintance of hers- a lady who consistently wrote (daily) and succeeded in publishing about 4 books while holding down a job, pursuing a degree, ‘wifing her husband’  and raising their children!

Seriously, we can get so bogged down with the daily rituals of sleeping, waking, settling squables, refereeing, social media, social media, economy forecast, rising cost of living, Brexit, NDAs, Boko Haram, ISIS, etc…which are all legitimate by the way…that we deprive ourselves of actually LIVING. And living well with what we have been given.

Live well to realize, rightly that we need to start working on our goals, dreams and aspirations. Right now.

Take a peek at my Goals for year 2016 below:

1. Read more books2. Get a new hobby3. Try rock climbing4. Be more creative (3)

Very simple goals, right?

I think so too. (The blown-up version does not look so simple)

But if that blob of purple up there could talk or move, it is going to smack me right across the butt or face.

I seriously do a very poor job of impressing my goals list and myself so much that I have given up on trying for me. But I am not giving up entirely…I still am trying. I cannot afford not to.

Because to cease trying is to cease living.

When we realize that other people’s happiness(es) are dependent on our little piece of purple or black 10-point or 20-point creed goals, we have a validation of our living.

Simply put, we cannot afford to fail. We cannot afford to deprive other people of the trickles of happiness or respite, regardless of how insignificant.

But if we do not want to fail, we have to start moving.

What is that one thing or 10 things you need to do?

Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future. (1)

Twenty years from now, would you give yourself a pat on the back for trying or a smack on both cheeks for being too cowardly to take the little step needed to move?

Twenty years from now, I do not want to be disappointed with myself. For the things I was too cowardly to do. For the chances I failed to create or the chances I failed to take.

Time waits for noone, do something your future self will thank you for

Six months have gone by but we still have six months left which is all the time we really need.

Today is all the time we need.

Scratch that. NOW, is all the time we need because the next moment / hour / day / week / year is not promised.

Remember…time waits for no one.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Time waits for no one.

How about we pay Time back in its own coin by stopping the waiting game?

Place a call through to the swimming coach and book a session. Now.

Get out a piece of paper and pen or draw your computer close and put down the first words that come to your mind.  Now.

Scout the Web for schools offering that program you’ve been putting off. Now.

Write a business plan for that business idea you’ve been dreaming about. Now.

Place a call through to your loved one(s). Now.

Search for online self-improvement courses you can try out. Now.

Even if we fail to complete all our goals, it should not be from not trying.

Even if we fail, the only regret we will not have is NOT trying.

Are you going to take the first step? Now?


PS: Did you read this post?

PPS: Have you signed the petition?

PPPS: Be kind enough to visit…I’ll sleep better tonight seeing one more signature added to the pool.

Be Anxious..

I could not but be anxious as the fuel scarcity came back like a bad dream over the weekend and persisted.


Do not be anxious about anything, worrying solves no problem

Be anxious for nothing

Yesterday (Monday) evening, I reluctantly left work with an empty tank hoping to get some from any of the ‘at-least’ four fuel stations between my work place and the kids’ school.

Not minding my colleagues’ assurances of…’don’t worry, it’s a Toyota, it’ll take you home and back, even if there is traffic’…I kept darting worried glances at the fuel gauge as it snaked its way  towards the ‘E’ mark.

(May I ‘quickly’ add that you should never deliberately use up your car’s fuel reserve?)

The dreadful amber LED by the fuel gauge soon came on, willed into being by my worried glances halfway home..further reinforcing the state of my fuel tank, and my heart. The unusually long traffic did not help in the least and I could not but be anxious, still.

To compound my anxiety woes, there were painfully long queues at all the fuel stations, vehicle owners impatiently crowding the roadsides, waiting for the evasive and calculating pump attendants…we couldn’t join any of the long queues, so we got home beyond-empty, you know what I mean?

Needless to say that this morning, I was scared shitless that the car was going to stop halfway to work so much that I could not resist echoing my thoughts out loud. And I even contemplated dropping the car at home and making use of a cab to get us around.

‘Mummy, remember what I told you on Sunday?’
‘What’s that?’
‘Do not be anxious…about anything…and whatever you ask God, he’ll do it for you’

Be anxious for nothing, whatever you ask God, He’ll do for you

‘So what has that got to do with the empty state of the petrol tank, dear?’

I know. I know. I just wanted to get into his mind and maybe find a bit of familiar comfort for my anxious mind.

‘Pray to God now, and the car will get you to work before stopping.’

I must be going out of my mind or my faith simply needs a little bit of work…like getting the faith engine serviced with quarts of ‘fresh’ oil (pun intended) in the form of my boy’s grand faith in God’s ability to keep the car moving for another 30mins+ without fuel.

Be anxious…for nothing, not even for fuel. Or the next meal. Or clothing. Or shelter. Or the coming exam. Or children. Or the desired career change.  Or the impending medical test. Or job. Or food. Be anxious. Not.

Sounds cliche but it is as true as it is logical.


  • Fails to increase the fuel level in the car
  • Fails to put food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, etc
  • Fails to eliminate the stressor

What we are anxious about would not disappear by worrying…the problems won’t go away but it would invite more problems folks to come party with it and they would in turn come hand in hand with fear.


  • Heightens our sense of awareness in an unhealthy manner
  • Stirs up feelings of dread or fear or even doom
  • Increases heartbeat, etc

While anxiety is normal and we all definitely experience this at one point or the other, allowing it get the better of us is detrimental to our well-being, all-round. Research says anxiety adversely affects our bodies, mind and brain. So it really does no good.

Knowing and accepting that worrying changes nothing would condition our mind to just let it go…squash it before it consumes us and LEARN to trust in Him who is able to make it all right even though it may be hard or seem impractical or unreasonable at times -depending on the situation…regardless of the situation.

And in case you want to know…no, the car/engine didn’t stall on me. God definitely hears the little words of faith of little ones even if the parents’ faith needs a little bit of servicing.


So, in D1’s voice…be anxious for nothing…have faith (and/that) whatever you ask of God this month of March, he’ll definitely do it for you.


The Many Hues of Love

The many hues of love

The Many Hues of Love

The many hues of love are as bright as they are dark,

Warming her many souls through the light and the dark without slack

Still gracious to shower unprepared ones with dews like a spring

Welling from an untold place for all to drink.



Love happens in diverse unexpected ways.

For Hubs & I, we strode into it. Sans the thousand ‘wingfull’ butterflies fluttering, preening and prancing all around their unwilling abode.

From friend zones in a far away friendly Northern land to the PRESENT.

I think one of the beauty of love is it happening when it is least expected and when it is the least in the would-be recipient’s importance list.

For some folks (like us), they walk unknowingly into LOVE, but some fall. If the fall is hard, the rise may be harder.

But if the foundation is concretely solid with steely reinforcements, the light has ample chances to intermittently glow as bright as it did. IN THE BEGINNING.

In the beginning.

But just how many lights glow as bright as the beginning, all year round? All decade round?

In reality, the fire requires numerous stoking, and tireless re-stocking to keep it burning bright.

This stoking and re-stocking translates to some tiring work, sometimes with bags under the eyes and little ones tugging at the hems of one’s skirt…exercises in faith. And hope.

Trusting the embers to keep receiving the needed fiery strength to keep burning for us to keep going.

For us to keep the many hues of LOVE within our line of sight. Through the ups and downs. Agreements. Disagreements. Celebrations. Illnesses. Promotions. Demotions. Children. Lack of Children. TTC. Losses. Grief.

It requires having faith in the author of LOVE Himself. The ONE WHO first loved us and taught us to love.

And keeping faith with each other. And Communicating through the faith-keeping.

Uniting to keep stoking the fire (together) on some nights -hot and cold.

Drawing roasters and schedules for manning the fire lest both sleep off, complacent and the fire tragically goes out completely.

Fighting sometimes over position of best advantage for fire-stoking.

Sometimes fighting silly, quietly and coldly.

And sometimes laughing out loud at all the silliness of fire-stoking and fighting.

And knowing when to rally round to keep the embers from dying out.

For if the logs burn out completely, the many hues of love become indistinct, unrecognizable and barely discernible.

So here is to all the young and old couples alike, losing count of the countless fallings and risings, still keeping faith while struggling to keep the embers burning…knowing that the hues of love can only become visibly illuminated when the fires are tirelessly stoked.

May the embers never die.



Breaking the Mold :We Are Family



I ‘trafficated’ right and turned while blaring my horn simultaneously.

You see, I have come to master the usage of my horn very well and considering that I live in a very busy city, a good / annoyingly loud horn is non-negotiable for me.

I rested my palm on the noise-making contraption again and was soon rewarded with the sight I needed to see, to get me off the busy street.

M’med speedily flung open the gate as if to say..abeg ma’am take it easy make we hear word.

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