No Longer a Slave to Fear

So I was at the annual Global Leadership Summit earlier and it was loaded as usual, would probably share (here) some of the lessons picked up at the Summit in the coming weeks.

I also got the opportunity to watch the performance of an amazing song by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser…

…and I became hooked from then so much that the song has been on replay on my system ever since.


Verse 1

You unravel me, with a melody
You surround me with a song
Of deliverance, from my enemies
Till all my fears are gone


I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God

Verse 2

From my Mother’s womb
You have chosen me
Love has called my name
I’ve been born again, into your family
Your blood flows through my veins


You split the sea, so I could walk right through it
All my fears were drowned in perfect love
You rescued me, so I could stand and sing
I am a child of God


I talked about my personal fears at different times previously on here and this song just about puts everything into perspective for me. He split the sea before…and He’s still good at that and I’m just going to keep riding roughshod over dem fears -old and new just like ‘they’ marched across the sea in those days. Whatsmore? This is made possible seeing that ALL of my fears have been so drowned in His perfectly perfect love. EOD.

If you have ever being plagued by fear in whatever shape or form or you are currently laboring under some kind of fear -of failure, dying, living, bankruptcy, losing a loved one, stepping out of your comfort zone, unknown, flying, eating, driving etc then this song of reassurance and affirmation is for you.


So I was gone for 4 months and here I am, saying a quick hello…again. It is absolutely in order, I believe.

A lot has happened in the last four months which I would still share here.

But for now, this is hello…from me *in Adele’s voice*…

…and I’m still busy clearing the cobwebs, pulling dust covers and dunking a couple of tea bags in my newly cleaned china cup…care to join me?

Talking about hellos and Adele, her ‘come-back’ is definitely Adeleish and has got the web buzzing since the Single’s release.

If you are a fan of love-lorn ballads, eighties-style technology (phone booths, flip phones, black and whitish scenery) and of course if you also love Adele and her amazing voice, then this might just make your day.

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Safe in the Woods

Softly she sways to the rhythm of the winds
As the sweetly singing birds lure with their soothing melodies
Far away in a distant land where no rancor dwells
Even as she closes her eyes in utter contentment

In, the melodious tunes beckon her battle-weary soul
No wailing could deter as she breaks free from the bonds of love

Trust in the upward pull, she whispers as she floats away
Holding on tight lest the singing stops and the spell breaks
Escape, sweet soul..escape from the woods into eternal rest

Words, soothing but searing, brings little respite
O little ones, smile at the winds and sway to the songs
Out of the woods, blissfully all will be someday
Despairing not at the vain glories of the woods
Safe in the woods, nobody ever is.

© Biolaleye and Ramblings of A Nigerian Momaholic, 2015.
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A Place of Refuge…A Place of Horror


Desecration in the holy places. Horror of horrors.

A long moment of silence followed as I tried to digest the latest tragedy in far away Charleston, South Carolina.

I know, the horrors we battle daily in our land is more than enough to keep anyone occupied for one zillion lifetimes.

Nonetheless, nothing could detract from the jitters, afresh that washes down one’s spine on hearing and reading of such atrocities.

A place of worship is to many a place of refuge. Of hope. Of refreshing. Of awakening. Of peace. Of cleansing. And so much more.

How then did a place of worship become a place of easy target for supremacists?

I use the word ‘supremacist’ loosely because anybody that feels threatened by another enough to want to get them out of the way is definitely suffering from something more than ‘supremacy’.

The ailment plaguing such is more like a mixture of hate (self and others), racism and psychologically induced inferiority.

An ailment that could have been spotted early on.

If the foundation is destroyed…

A home is meant to be a place of warmth. Of nurturing. Of rest. Of love. Of bonding. Of refuge.
How are the homes today turning into places where little monsters and horrific plots are birthed?

On Wednesday, a young man -Dylann Storm Roof joined a bible study session inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and reportedly shot nine people dead after sitting with them for over one hour studying the bible together.

What was on his mind as Rev. Clementa Pinckney and the other members warmly welcomed him into the gathering?
What was he thinking as he sat close to the man and gazed into the eyes of the other members of the group whom he would come to mercilessly gun down several minutes later?

Victims: Nine people died in the shooting. They are (top row, left to right) DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Tywanza Sanders, Myrah Thompson, (center row) Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, (bottom row) Daniel Simmons, Clementa Pinckney and Cynthia Hurd
Victims of a warped society…RIP, people.

He reportedly admitted that he did not want to go through with the ‘plan’ because they were all nice to him and I wish he had allowed that tiny good voice to prevail.

I find it particularly disturbing that the horror was unleashed with a gun, gifted him by his parent(s) on his 21st birthday.

A question that has been scorching and searing my mind and which I am not likely to get an answer to is why any loving parent would present their son with a gun -not a toy one  but a real .45 caliber handgun for his birthday.

I admit, getting a 21 year old a gun is as brow-raising as spoiling a ‘baby’ girl with replicated custom-built expensive sport cars a la Range Rover and Lamborghinis.

Both instances and reasoning are questionable but what do I know?

What are we churning out? What are we raising?

If the objective is to raise marksmen, sharp-shooters, killers and self-obsessed materialistic narcissists, then all is good.

I digress.

I looked at all the pictures of Dylan I saw on on the web, different pictures spanning different periods and what stares back at me tells a different story.

Burning flags, posing with guns and flags, etc
Sad, expressive eyes.
Deep melancholic expressions that screams of a dark hideout within the deepest part of his twisted soul.


If I were Dylann’s mum, I would definitely be worried. Severely worried. Moreso that he was reportedly introverted for a long time.

Something was not right there. And it took nine lovely people to be gruesomely sent untimely to their graves to discover that fact.

The world has gone completely bonkers. The society is warped. And it starts from the home unit.

I believe Dylan was not born with hatred in his heart. Nobody was. Nobody is.

Nobody came to the world hating or loving anyone, the major and only concern on getting out of the birth tunnel is survival…getting in some much needed gulps of worldy air to get going.

We all learn these ‘vital’ life skills and whatever is good / bad enough to be learnt could very well be unlearnt.

No day old baby understands the difference in skin colors until they begin to develop enough to visualize and verbalize happenings around them by which time the immediate society -the family may have chosen to delete the factory settings and re-write the psychology program.

Programs are written and re-written as circumstances demand. Systems are formatted, re-installed, re-set, etc but nothing beats getting it right from the get go.

Today, we ignorantly create the imaginary supremacy divides that grows to gargantuan devastating proportions and wreaks catastrophic havoc.

If the foundation be destroyed…

It’s so sad what the world has turned into and my heart goes out to all those beautiful people’s families and everyone else suffering from the aftermaths of hate campaigns today.


How about we go back to restore the default factory settings and prevent future ‘Dylannic’ tragedies?

How about we start preaching the message of love right from the home?

How about we drum the equality message right from babyhood and stick by it?

How about we closely monitor our children / wards, become their best friends and get into their minds while they are still very young?

How about we really create time to train them in the way they should go that would make for a peaceful nation / world and co-existence?

How about we devote our all to this cause in order to prevent our places of refuge -the home and church from turning into places where horror is birthed and unleashed?

How many more heartache and tragedies would the world endure before we understand that none is supreme and we all have the same red blood flowing underneath the white and black skins?

Hello June…

This new season,
May each day be full of sunshiny blessings,
May glad tidings resound all through for you,
May peace encompass you round about,
May your barn never dry up,
May you be established home and abroad, 
May favor be your story,
May unprecedented success be your testimony,
May terror and oppression be far removed from you.
Happy new June, beautiful friends.

Another Angel Without Wings -Faces of Love (II)

I’ve been thinking of the Millenium development goals and how far Nigeria is from hitting the mark with all the problems that encompasses us all round.

Truth is, we may never get there any time soon if we have to totally rely on the government.  I still strongly believe every child deserves the best, education being just one of the best and I’m hoping this is one of the issues the new administration gets right within the next four years.

This goes to explain why I love what some individuals are taking it upon themselves to achieve. I greatly laud what they are trying to do all by themselves. individuals like Modupe ozolua (who was featured here in the first FOL post) and now Nikki Laoye.

We may not be able to single handedly tackle some of these issues we keep writing about but we can support and encourage those that are already working tirelessly to bring some hope and respite to the hopeless.

Nikki Laoyes is a singer / humanitarian who has taken on the task of trying to provide care and support for displaced people in northern Nigeria. While Modupe is focused on empowering the women/mothers (from reports),  Nikki is trying to get the children some basic education.

Beautiful women with even more beautiful hearts.

Nikki Laoye reportedly visited one of the camps (Kushingoro) in abuja and decided to do something about the education of the children in the camp.

Majority, if not all of the kids at the camps have zero access to education in the aftermath of terrorists attacks in the north. They have been fighting for survival and education has understandably  become an ill-afforded luxury.

There are reportedly about 248 children in the Kushingoro  camp with about over 1000 in another IDP camp in Benin,  roaming about and doing nothing before the intervention of a ‘missionary’  couple who invested their personal resources to set up a make shift school in the Abuja camp.

Of course, individuals are limited in capabilities and more resources are required as this is an enormous TasK in itself.

Sadly, there are more children with no hope of education or a good life in other unknown / unnamed camps, thousands of them.

So, beyond talking or writing or feeling sorry or sad about the situation, what else can I do to help from the comfort of my zone?

The good thing is that I dont need to float a Foundation or have millions of naira before making an impact in  at least one of these little angels’ life.

In the last couple of weeks, every individual in Nigeria or Lagos State, including yours truly spent thousands of naira on getting black market fuel to move around.

Some of us cannot do without having expensive lunch at work, at least twice weekly (for the conservative). We know how much damage chicken + chips, packs of rice, Chinese cuisines does to our purses for those that indulges in them.

Yeah, if we can afford all these, by all means, we should not deprive ourselves of the simple pleasures / luxuries that delights our hearts.

The last time i was at Mac’s store at Ikeja City Mall, I shelled out 6,300 for the Studio Fix. And now, I heard just 5,000 could make a difference In a child’s life, for life.

I don’t even want to think about how the mothers are coping, I’m sure they Do not care about foundations or make up or the latest trend and fashion.

Looking good and/or education is definitely the least of their worries where there are rumbling tummies to be filled.

So where am I going with all these?

You and I can make a difference in the lives of these beautiful ones who are suffering heavily for the failures of our past governments and the callousness of a perverted few.

Interested individuals / organization’s can make a difference by supporting the Angel 4 Life and by extension the young children in the Abuja camp.

N2000 – N5,000 could hardly dent our purse eternally save for a day or two’s deprivation of sorts.

Donations would reportedly go towards education-related costs basically to cover provision of school materials, uniforms, books,  etc for children in the camps.

We can all be angels without wings in our little capacities by pulling our resources together to help rebuild the lives of these individuals who have been circumstantially less fortunate than us.

Interested Individuals and organisations can help support school-related costs to cover provision of school materials, uniform and books for each child within the camps.
These costs are:
5,000 naira ($25) – Covers the provision of school uniforms, books and school materials
3,000 naira ($15) – Covers the provision of school uniforms only
2,000 naira ($10) – Covers the provision of books and school materials only
All donations are payable to
Acct name: Nikki Laoye’s Angel 4 Life Foundation
Account number: 0139296779
Sort Code: 058152081
Bank: GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Donations from Outside Nigeria can be made directly into the account via:
For further information and enquiries,
Contact Nikki Laoye’s Angel 4 Life Foundation
M: 08094848096

Happy Belated Children’s Day

I wanted to put up a post on children’s day which we celebrated here in Nigeria on May 27 but I eventually managed not to….for the very reason I wanted to in the first place. Confused yet?

You see, I was cooped up with four energetic bundles of blessing throughout the day and as much as I loved to take them out, I had to think twice and conserve the fuel we had so we could at least go to work the next day. #NotMyFault

Still wondering how sweet mum coped with 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..SEVEN children, spaced two-two years apart! My respect grows by the minute for her…If wishes were horses…she’d be here with us today. *crying emoticon*
Miss her everyday…


What comes to your mind when you have about four strong little children running playing around in the house, bringing the roof down with their ‘tea party’, ‘art party’, ‘costume party’, ‘all sorts of stuffs party’?

In case you didn’t know:

Art party: an occasion where a group of boisterous children come together to terrorise one or two adults by scattering tracing papers,  cardboards, crayons, pencils, glitter glues,  etc all over a large expanse of ground while hollering at the top of their voices.

Tea party: a similar occasion where the same group of young lads gather together over a table covered with cups in the ratio of 2-1 and almost empty a whole jar of Horlicks chocolate powder into each cup after which they’d sit to discuss the next line of action before racing away leaving the poor adult around to clean up the mess.

Costume party: an occasion where this same group of children upturn / over/ under-turn their wardRobe + the whole house searching for costumes, putting them on and screaming and fight/play-pretending for hours on end while the poor adult around tries to pretend to catch some shut-eye.

So, now that you have the definitions,  I can get on with it.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes crave solitude in the midst of the blissful hullabaloo.

So in the late morning / early noon of May 27,  I was trying to relax monitor intermittently all the party proceedings safely from afar when the Captain came running in from the play room a la party venue, breathless.

“Mum, I’ve got some really bad news for you”
My mind really cut to the sky and back…I bolted upright with the speed of light, quickly forgetting I was ‘sleep-pretending’

You want to know why?

In addition to the boys, two of their friends were over to stay the whole day and they were all cooped up in the new party venue, having migrated from the Study to the Living room before moving to the children’s bedroom for what I hope would be the last leg. I wished.

“What happened?”
“Is anyone injured?”

“The Laptop is not charging!”

That’s the bad news. And on May 27, a day set aside to celebrate children nationwide. Why would the laptop choose that day, of all days to not charge?

Oh! Thank you sweet Lord. That’s one bad news I could definitely deal with.

“Okay. Just leave it and make sure noone goes near the socket, we’ll fix it later”

Apparently, when a young lad / host is trying to turn on the Laptop to possibly show off his ICT and ownership skills to his visitors and it refuses to come up because the battery is drained and the socket is faulty leading to the inability of the laptop to be charged, it’s some real bad news.

Here’s hoping these young ones never have to deal with bad news in their life times.

And I’m praying that you, reading this never gets to hear / receive bad tidings where your bundle (s) of joy are concerned.

These ones have been unimaginable sources of wondrous blessings and good cheer. Call them my companion for life and you’d not be far from the mark. That’s not relegating DH in the least but they fill the gap, complimenting him beautifully well.

They make me smile, they make me laugh out loud. They make me cry While filling my heart with love and hope for the future of this land.

They are indeed the future.

You know I’m eternally grateful for these young ones and I’m using them as points of contacts for every mum-in-waiting out there. Sooner than later, you’d have beautiful causes to rejoice. Amen.

Here’s also congratulating a virtual friend who recently became a new mum after years of waiting…far away yet near and dear -Sykik of

We believed and it came to pass and I’m still believing fervently that it will come to pass for YOU too, my sweet friend(s). You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.