All my adult  life, I have had to randomly / purposely walk up and down at least 2 flight of stairs and I can disclose for free that it is always breath-taking, literally.

Sometimes as I hold on to the handrails for balance, I wonder what the genius who came up with the stairs idea was thinking of. Especially the long, winding, dizzying ones.

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I love stairs none the less, so much that I often opt to walk from the ground floor to the first or second floor rather than take the elevator.

Yes, call me a superwoman!

I believe it helped make my first delivery easier although it had never been scientifically proven up until this minute. And that is discounting the fact that I suffered deep cervical lacerations during that birth.

Can’t blame it on the poor stairs or my unavoidable love for them seeing as there are often no alternatives. At least not at my home.

I remember a certain time in the distant past, some 10 years back when I had to visit a client at a high rise building and the devil chose that very day to rekindle his romance with the only elevator in the building.

Yes, I (still) conveniently blame it on the devil and I see why not considering the fact that I ended up breathlessly huffing and puffing my way in heels through the stairs to the 7th floor, wondering why I chose that day, of all days to visit!

It’s in the constitution to blame even the silliest act of negligence on the dark guy with 2 horns. Seriously.

But I digress.

Elevators are great. But walking up the stairs is greater (importanter). Says our heart and every fitness expert out there.

To walk / work is expedient, to feel tired is human.

I am human. So are you. I believe.

Daily, we walk through the stairs of life.

Births. Deaths.

We walk through seasons, all the time.

Rainy. Dry. Harmattan. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

We walk through emotions.

Depression. Joy. Anxiety.

Daily, we walk through the NEWS. Not that we have much choice anyway.

Soul-lifting. Heart-rending.

More heart-rending than soul-lifting.

Newsflash: It is randomly tiring. Too tiring. And it will continue to be so if we are being honest and realistic.

It has been overwhelmingly tiring lately but wait for the ‘new’ NEWS I read this morning:

They that wait upon the Lord..shall renew their strength..they shall mount up with wings as eagles..they shall run and not be weary..they shall walk and not faint..

Beautiful words of succor in these strange times. It might take time for it to sink in but it eventually will if only we allow ourselves to pause and reflect and be immersed in the hope they bring.

So this is just a little reminder, from me to you.

While navigating the stairs of life, allow yourself the luxury of rest. Heck, you deserve it.

Rest in him. Wait upon him.

Pause a little bit, to renew your strength and refuel for the next flight of stairs.

It will do you a world of good. Me too.




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