Love has  a new face..err, faces.

In all of my adult life, I can safely say that I had never witnessed people of diverse cultures and ethnic orientations unite over a single non-personal issue / event as what happened on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Heck, we took it personal. I know I did.

The prince is our prince (#famzing..yeah..yeah), even in far away Nigeria, where monarchy reigns supreme in only the ‘small’ towns that make up our ‘big’ nation -governed by a president, elected on the strength of our collective faith.

Last weekend’s event showed me yet again, that we love love, more than we do soccer. And love can triumph only if we allow it.

I know this to be true because some months ago, when Prince Harry and Ms Meghan’s love story came to the limelight, not a few people were apprehensive of what the end might be.

And by jove, that end has proven to be beautiful, against all odds.

Love indeed made it so; the universe were in consonance with Harry and our hearts were warmed by such beautiful display of love and acceptance.

Their love story is the stuff Nollywood blockbusters are made of.

The most eligible bachelor of all times of a royal descent. A sultry actress from a non-royal background, once divorced. Different orientations / backgrounds.

By sheer stroke of luck, their paths crossed and they become besotted with each other; the obstacles encountered by them in protecting this love of theirs would never be known, because it just does not matter anymore.

And the rest is beautiful history, announced by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle.

Sealed with a kiss.

Take nothing away from their love story, because, it is their story, not yours or mine; take one or more lessons from their lives and events, because we live to learn, and thrive.

Life Lessons we can take away from their love story:

  1. Surround yourself with good people, people who love you. And I do not mean people who would like your pictures 100 times if you post 100 pictures on Instagram in the spate of 1 hour! I mean quality people who genuinely loves you and have your interest at heart. People who can pick you up when you are down. People who can put in a few good words for you where it matters. People who can hold you accountable and provide moral support in times of distress because, let’s face it, we are all going to have more than a few down times where we feel we just cannot go on anymore. What happens then?
  2. Love (huge deals) can happen in unlikely places, follow your heart to those places. Do not close your eyes and heart to opportunities outside your comfort zone. I have heard some folks streamline their choice of partners or even friends or acquaintances or business partners or customers to particular region or sector or cultural backgrounds. While it is good to have a clear picture of the direction you want to head in life or business but it’d do more good than harm to keep your choices open, you never can tell what is in stock for you when you open your eyes and heart wide enough.
  3. If / when you find ‘The One’, fight to have them. Stick with them. Okay, you finally found ‘The One’ and you are convinced, finally with butterflies in your stomach that this is the one except that they just do not quite fit the bill of the ‘ideal’ and popular expectations. I daresay you have to be sure you are in the right place before sticking your neck out for your choice. ‘The One’ might not necessarily be a wife / husband -to-be, could be a career move or that passion of yours or a great idea or principle. When you find a clear path, follow through. On the flip side, be sure you are ready to give all up to follow through because it just might be one of the requirements to the ultimate goal / fulfillment- that abandonment of every other shiny adornment for the gold. Your gold!
  4. Regardless of what you may have been through -heartache, disappointment, divorce, separation, domestic violence, etc, you need to find your feet, get up on them and implant them firmly on the sands of life. Reach into the core of your soul for that good in you, your very essence and use it to your best advantage.
  5. Occupy yourself with worthy ventures and causes that bring smile to your face, develop yourself in every way you can and keep pushing for the best. Your best.

Here is wishing Harry and Meghan a lifetime of untainted love and unbridled happiness.

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