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Stephen Hawking







A great man, Stephen Hawking is.

Some two days ago, I was on my way to work and got caught up in the early morning traffic jam along one of the hotspots on my route.

The kiddos were in the car as I’ve got to drop them off at school first; in between making small talks and watching the traffic light, we saw this middle-aged fair-complexioned man approached our vehicle lithely.

Handsomely garbed in powder-blue danshiki on matching pants. A mat of curly brownish hair framed his head like a cap, complimenting his skin tone subtly.

He came close, really close and lightly tapped on the side of the car, his two palms outstretched.

I held his gaze briefly.

The kids wondered what he needed but I knew exactly what he wanted.

They probably wondered because they were accustomed to seeing unkempt and wheelchair-bound humans begging for alms at such spots around town.

But our danshikied man did not fit that description because he was fit and suitably clad, at least to the eyes.

He was ‘complete’, physically except that somewhere in his mind, he was severely disabled.

Really sad but this really is the story of our society and we are quick to always criticize an inept government who has failed her citizenry. Truth (from my view) is, governance has little to do with self-awareness, self-dignity and freedom.

You might disagree with my position but please hold your breath for a few more seconds.

I see this every single day and I have come to understand it is not an entirely African problem.

A couple of months back, I was about exiting a Subway outlet in the Big Apple with my family when we were accosted by a lanky, good-looking young man albeit worse for wear presumably due to a certain kind of rough living.

He begged for money to eat.

His was a developed economy where everything worked, well almost everything.

The pasture is meant to be very green on that side.

I digress.

I could bet my right hand the money he got was going nowhere near food!

The Lagos’ blue-danshikied middle-aged man and the lanky, good-looking New-Yorker are unfortunately not alone in this.

They, and nearly everyone else wearing these shoes are their own captives -enslaved within minds that are not strong enough to understand their own worth / weight and the power of sheer personal convictions.

Enormous power lies in the human mind

If we can only learn to fully understand this and harness this power, we would produce nothing short of miracles.

Miracles that could shape our beliefs, meet our needs and impact our world positively.

I believe Professor Stephen Hawking discovered this power early and that might explain why he was unstoppable by his visibly physical limitations.

The invisible holds more power over the visible. The heart. The mind. They are powerful, really powerful.

Stephen Hawking was incredibly brilliant and took charge of his own life; he did not just live but he got on well with his life, on his own terms. The whole world can attest to that.

Life threw him a truckload of lemon, he ended up making a universe-full of lemonade for us all. Legendary stuffs.

He was a man who understood his purpose early and got on with it, regardless of what his systems, cells, organs and tissues felt. He just had no time to mope because he had too much to accomplish.

We all know what he chose to do.

He took charge and stayed in charge, through his mind and brain, till the end.

More than one major lesson there.

What do you think of Stephen Hawking?


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