It is a very happy new year on this side, today the 15th day in the month of March 2018!

It’s crazy, I know but it is what it is. I lost it, dropped one of the many balls unwillingly till the tide carried it away.

The popular writing mojo.

But I really do think I regained it at some point but the incessant technical issues on here wouldn’t let me be great. Plus I dallied for too long on a new direction and purpose for the blog. I really am at crossroads but I have decided to start again (not an entirely new blog) and pick up where I stopped.

So what changed to get me back?

I simply decided to stop un-allowing the issues I have on here get the better of me, so here I am wishing myself and you a happy new year in the middle of the 3rd month.


You know the year can become new any day we decide it is, right?


By the way, who is in charge of setting the time and dates for us all people of the world to follow?

Earlier today, a friend marveled at the sheer incredulity of it all. A sibling of his living in another continent entirely just told him the time had been set back by an hour and being Nigerians that we are, it was just incomprehensible.

I digress.

So, what have I missed?

Fill me in, please and I promised to pay attention. I’ll visit you too if you don’t mind.

You know I have truly missed this little space of mine in the last couple of months and I hope I am back for good this time.

Because I just want to write, again.

This new year (there we go again), I have a lot to share that hopefully would impact you positively because I believe we’ve all got one thing..or two..or ten to share and contribute to humanity.

Discovering what that thing is, is just the beginning on the journey.

So, let’s begin and if you happen to pass by, do drop me a line if only to say Happy New Year.

I’d go to sleep with a huge grin on my face tonight.

Much love.



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