When Life Throws You a Curveball (hit back)

When life throws you a curveball or two, kick it.

You might say this is a post of necessity because we are all going to get a curveball or two, we will definitely encounter that curve in the straight-before-now road…that whammy slap that we never-ever see coming.

Like when I lost my mother…and then my sister in law…I still reel from the shock, I tell you.

Those are major curves. And in-between those periods, I have had so many un-earth-shattering curves. Too many times.

Like you.

I do not know how you react or respond to such moments but I’ll tell you how I do. Again, I cannot tell you how to react or respond but I can show you how.

We all need the how. For such moments are becoming plentiful’.

Moments like when you are on your way to that all-important job interview and the rickety damfo public transport you are travelling in decides to stop in the middle of nowhere (read: third mainland bridge in Lagos…the longest bridge in Africa, until 1996 when the 6th October bridge in Cairo took over…thank me later for this useful bit of information)

Or moments like when you are desperately unemployed and you thought you finally gotten a lifeline only to be conned out of the last money on you, making you beg for money to take you back to wherever you call home.

Or such moments when you finally clinched a job and you are immaculately dressed only to get drenched and splattered, thoroughly on your first day.

Moments occur in life.

Curves / curveball(s) are inevitable and it is only a matter of when,  not if.

What do we do when we enocunter our curves or when we get smacked right in the middle of the head by a curveball?

I tend to believe we have two options…to either kick it or allow it kick us knock us off out feet.

In kicking it, we might wobble and stumble but we stand a better chance of bouncing back and regaining our stance.

We get another chance to brush off the dirt, swallow our pride or pain, square our shoulders and move on, stronger, until the next curve ball hits. That is.

Either way, we win.

Even if it is not entirely true but that is what I choose to will myself to believe.

But seriously, curves can derail.

A curveball can hit really hard. Too hard.

But maybe life is just trying to see what we make out of the curves and balls, who knows?

My family and I have been hard hit. I bet you have been hard hit too.

I am beginning to see life as a vast football field from where I sit. A big field where we are all players, kitted and booted.

Some players get hit and injured. Ouch. Some stumble through the pain but still manage to stand firm to resume running after the ball, to kick back.

Another falls and stays down, to be stretchered off the field.

A certain young man suddenly lost his job and slumped…very sad. That was a deadly life-snuffing-curve ball.

Another young woman lost her job and became a Cabbie in the city of Abuja.

Yet another young man lost his banking job and started packaging plaintain chips for sale. He is currently an employer of labor, making his cool millions.

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All I am saying is that the curve balls do not matter as much as our responses and reactions.

Let me tell you another little story, I got thrown a ball..a hard and emotional one after the other ones I wrote about earlier..I reacted by resigning my job but got talked back into taking it up again. And with puffy, red-rimmed eyes, I re-discovered my writing gift and started this blog.

That was a whole lot of curves packed into 46 words. Yes, I counted and that was just one of the few curves I’ve encountered, so far.

So here are a few things to do when (sh)it hits.

Scratch that.

How to kick back when the curveball hits:

  1. Take some mighty big gulps of air, let your lungs be refreshed.
  2. Face the ball with feet wide apart for stability…confront it head on
  3. Kick the ball back and keep moving.

Yeah, I know, easier said than done. But seriously, what do we stand to lose?

You know, maybe that job wasn’t meant for you or there is an impending doom that had just been averted by you missing that bus.

Maybe you are cut out for greater things.

Take some fresh gulps of air into your lungs and refresh your mind. It is not the end of the world.

Maybe that relationship would bring too much pain and heartache.


What is ahead is greater than what is going / gone.

Face the situation, head on. Do not avoid or ignore or pretend it is not happening. It really is happening, it has happened. What do we do about it?

Wear the long face everywhere, start a pity-party, rant (on social media) or do something drastic?

Better stuffs are waiting. Look inwards and re-discover your purpose.

I had been in situations where I felt yeah, this is it. But we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. When being strong is the only option left, we take it, muster all the strength in us and kick the ball back.

Just. Kick. It.

Now, the biggest of all kickbacks is knowing and acting this out:

I have told you this so that through me you may have peace. In the world you’ll have trouble, but be courageous—I’ve overcome the world

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