Breast cancer awareness
Breast cancer awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness: #TouchYourBreasts

So, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Over here at Ramblings of a Naija Momaholic.

After the February campaign, we do not want to wait until October which is the global Breast Cancer Awareness Month before stirring the waters in our own part of the World / Web. We do not have to wait.

As a matter of fact, we want to keep up this awareness campaign every month…and not just for Breast cancer only.

We would send out invites for volunteers to add their voices to ours and help in getting more and more women out of their ‘comfort zones’.

So what is the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign all about?

Or you’re even wondering why we have to do this..

(I hope you’re not wondering anyway..But just in case…)

We feel compelled to do this because of the rising statistics regarding this menace laying siege to the lives of women, globally.

Young, beautiful, vivacious women – full of life, hope and aspirations lose their lives daily to this killer that could be prevented, caught and cuffed.

Just because..

More often than not, we are ‘too busy’ taking care of the world to take care of ourselves. It’s not our fault, it’s in our DNA.

We think of 1000 little and big details daily and neglect 1 vital detail -our body until sometimes too late.

We’ve got huge responsibilities to handle…at work…church…community…home…

Little ones who depend on us for EVERYTHING. Loved ones who mean the world to us…and who would be ‘lost’ without our soothing words..without the early morning hugs…without the kisses blown across school hallways…without the hastily or carefully packed lunch boxes…without the clean underpants and socks…without the shoelaces unearthed from where only loving hands could reach…WITHOUT US.

Dare we risk losing all…ALL…while we bustle around our WORLD?

It is time to start taking intentional actions to keep us in good health for US and for the world…our world to get the best of us.

For us to be there for the world..our world, we need to be here.

For us to be there, we need to be here.

And this is way too important to leave for another one month, or two, or six, before raising awareness and taking action.

I can start taking preventive actions. You can. We can.

And the time starts now. The time is now.

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Quick facts

  • Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control.
  • When cancerous cells starts growing in the breast, it is called breast cancer.
  • Breast Cancer is a major public health issue globally with over 1 million new cases diagnosed yearly
  • Early diagnosis and treatment increases survival rates
  • Some common signs seen in Breast Cancer are: (painless) breast lump, change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple.
  • In the USA, there’s a 5-year survival rate that exceeds 85% while it is 10% in Nigeria!
  • Over 400,000 annual deaths are attributed to breast cancer
  • About 4.4million women are currently living with breast cancer
  • Breast cancer also affects men
  • Breast cancer is responsible for about 16% of cancer-related deaths in Nigeria
  • Late presentation of patients with advanced stages appears to be the norm in Nigeria

Needless to state that early detection and treatment is a vital key to surviving breast cancer.

And this is where and why I need you, dear friends.

Not to help with detection or diagnosis, but to help #TouchYourBreasts…and to help remind every woman within your sphere of influence on the need to get touchy-feely with their breasts. Now.

I just touched mine…#TouchYourBreasts

I need you to help increase the awareness through any and every means available to you. Everyday. Just 5 minutes of your time.

I promise I won’t ask for more, this week. Just 5 minutes daily.

Social media. Formal or informal chats with women around you. Tweeter. Blog posts. Facebook. Instagram.

Can i count on you to please join the conversation throughout this week by using the hashtag #TouchYourBreasts in all your social media posts?

If you’re in (I hope you are), please drop a comment below so I can track, follow you and repost your posts throughout this week.

Let’s do this together, this week. Let’s use social media for some social good…

Together, we can raise the breast cancer awareness.


Thank you.


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13 Replies to “BREAST CANCER AWARENESS WEEK -#TouchYourBreasts”

    1. Thank you, Jennifer.

      We all know It does not always have to end up in death..I sincerely wish more and more awareness could be generated on this killer disease through massive social media ripples..


  1. Such an important topic. Having watched my grandmother battle with this disease, this is something near to my heart. This message can’t be stressed enough!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brandyn; it was my pleasure linking up at Mommy Meet Up Mondays.

      Truly sorry about your grandma.
      This message can’t be stressed enough, really. I really wish / hope / pray more (and more) ‘social crusaders’ would pick up the challenge of educating less informed folks out there.


  2. Such an important topic. Having watched my grandmother battle with this disease, this is something near to my heart. This message can’t be stressed enough!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

  3. I regularly check my breasts and had a mammogram a few months back, thankfully clear. I also had a colon cancer check. None of these checks are particularly pleasant but a few minutes of embarrassment or discomfort could save your life.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rosie.

      I’m glad you got the all-clear report.

      Hoping to have a mammogram soon though I regularly go ‘touchy-feely’. Been through a session of cervical screening before, the embarrassment and discomfort really did not last more than 5 minutes which was all the time taken to finish the test.
      We sometimes get scared of these tests, more than necessary and I guess a good place to start is to conquer the fear first.


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