Do not be anxious about anything, worrying solves no problem

I could not but be anxious as the fuel scarcity came back like a bad dream over the weekend and persisted.


Do not be anxious about anything, worrying solves no problem
Be anxious for nothing

Yesterday (Monday) evening, I reluctantly left work with an empty tank hoping to get some from any of the ‘at-least’ four fuel stations between my work place and the kids’ school.

Not minding my colleagues’ assurances of…’don’t worry, it’s a Toyota, it’ll take you home and back, even if there is traffic’…I kept darting worried glances at the fuel gauge as it snaked its way  towards the ‘E’ mark.

(May I ‘quickly’ add that you should never deliberately use up your car’s fuel reserve?)

The dreadful amber LED by the fuel gauge soon came on, willed into being by my worried glances halfway home..further reinforcing the state of my fuel tank, and my heart. The unusually long traffic did not help in the least and I could not but be anxious, still.

To compound my anxiety woes, there were painfully long queues at all the fuel stations, vehicle owners impatiently crowding the roadsides, waiting for the evasive and calculating pump attendants…we couldn’t join any of the long queues, so we got home beyond-empty, you know what I mean?

Needless to say that this morning, I was scared shitless that the car was going to stop halfway to work so much that I could not resist echoing my thoughts out loud. And I even contemplated dropping the car at home and making use of a cab to get us around.

‘Mummy, remember what I told you on Sunday?’
‘What’s that?’
‘Do not be anxious…about anything…and whatever you ask God, he’ll do it for you’

Be anxious for nothing, whatever you ask God, He’ll do for you

‘So what has that got to do with the empty state of the petrol tank, dear?’

I know. I know. I just wanted to get into his mind and maybe find a bit of familiar comfort for my anxious mind.

‘Pray to God now, and the car will get you to work before stopping.’

I must be going out of my mind or my faith simply needs a little bit of work…like getting the faith engine serviced with quarts of ‘fresh’ oil (pun intended) in the form of my boy’s grand faith in God’s ability to keep the car moving for another 30mins+ without fuel.

Be anxious…for nothing, not even for fuel. Or the next meal. Or clothing. Or shelter. Or the coming exam. Or children. Or the desired career change.  Or the impending medical test. Or job. Or food. Be anxious. Not.

Sounds cliche but it is as true as it is logical.


  • Fails to increase the fuel level in the car
  • Fails to put food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, etc
  • Fails to eliminate the stressor

What we are anxious about would not disappear by worrying…the problems won’t go away but it would invite more problems folks to come party with it and they would in turn come hand in hand with fear.


  • Heightens our sense of awareness in an unhealthy manner
  • Stirs up feelings of dread or fear or even doom
  • Increases heartbeat, etc

While anxiety is normal and we all definitely experience this at one point or the other, allowing it get the better of us is detrimental to our well-being, all-round. Research says anxiety adversely affects our bodies, mind and brain. So it really does no good.

Knowing and accepting that worrying changes nothing would condition our mind to just let it go…squash it before it consumes us and LEARN to trust in Him who is able to make it all right even though it may be hard or seem impractical or unreasonable at times -depending on the situation…regardless of the situation.

And in case you want to know…no, the car/engine didn’t stall on me. God definitely hears the little words of faith of little ones even if the parents’ faith needs a little bit of servicing.

So, in D1’s voice…be anxious for nothing…have faith (and/that) whatever you ask of God this month of March, he’ll definitely do it for you.


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19 Replies to “Be Anxious..”

  1. Hi,
    What an interesting blog. Everywhere my eye falls, there’s something interesting to see. Thanks for coming to my blog party. I wanted to return the “blog love” and visit your site too.
    I saw you do book reviews. Thanks for promoting literacy. In this post, thanks for keeping people calm.

  2. Lovely post! It is so easy to get caught up in anxiety and worry. But you are right, it does nothing for us except create more problems. It’s best to let it go and free up the mind to make room for useful thoughts.

    THank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  3. It is hard not to be anxious, but Leaning on God and thinking on His word will help us overcome anxiety.
    Living without anxiety is a result of our trust in God.
    Thank God for what some may call a “little” miracle sis! He always proves Himself faithful!

    1. In the world we live in today, it’s hard not to worry about everything..but by leaning on Him and His words truly help us to overcome our anxieties.
      Thanks for stopping by, sis.

  4. What great observation. I love the reference to faith. Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I hope you will join me at #Wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Thanks, Holly. We all need such reminders, time and again. ‘Twas a real pleasure sharing this, hoping to join the fun again two days ago but was frustrated by the slow network over here.


  5. This scripture popped into my mind this morning and it’s just popped up again by my most random visit to your blog!

    i trust and believe in you Lord.

    So pray do tell, did you still drive the car to work that day? 🙂

    1. It’s well with you, sis.

      Interestingly, I drove it to work on ’empty’ and thankfully, the engine did not die on me.

      Thanks for visiting, fluffycutething. I recall checking on you earlier in the year, going to say hi now.


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