I’ve been thinking of the Millenium development goals and how far Nigeria is from hitting the mark with all the problems that encompasses us all round.

Truth is, we may never get there any time soon if we have to totally rely on the government.  I still strongly believe every child deserves the best, education being just one of the best and I’m hoping this is one of the issues the new administration gets right within the next four years.

This goes to explain why I love what some individuals are taking it upon themselves to achieve. I greatly laud what they are trying to do all by themselves. individuals like Modupe ozolua (who was featured here in the first FOL post) and now Nikki Laoye.

We may not be able to single handedly tackle some of these issues we keep writing about but we can support and encourage those that are already working tirelessly to bring some hope and respite to the hopeless.

Nikki Laoyes is a singer / humanitarian who has taken on the task of trying to provide care and support for displaced people in northern Nigeria. While Modupe is focused on empowering the women/mothers (from reports),  Nikki is trying to get the children some basic education.

Beautiful women with even more beautiful hearts.

Nikki Laoye reportedly visited one of the camps (Kushingoro) in abuja and decided to do something about the education of the children in the camp.

Majority, if not all of the kids at the camps have zero access to education in the aftermath of terrorists attacks in the north. They have been fighting for survival and education has understandably  become an ill-afforded luxury.

There are reportedly about 248 children in the Kushingoro  camp with about over 1000 in another IDP camp in Benin,  roaming about and doing nothing before the intervention of a ‘missionary’  couple who invested their personal resources to set up a make shift school in the Abuja camp.

Of course, individuals are limited in capabilities and more resources are required as this is an enormous TasK in itself.

Sadly, there are more children with no hope of education or a good life in other unknown / unnamed camps, thousands of them.

So, beyond talking or writing or feeling sorry or sad about the situation, what else can I do to help from the comfort of my zone?

The good thing is that I dont need to float a Foundation or have millions of naira before making an impact in  at least one of these little angels’ life.

In the last couple of weeks, every individual in Nigeria or Lagos State, including yours truly spent thousands of naira on getting black market fuel to move around.

Some of us cannot do without having expensive lunch at work, at least twice weekly (for the conservative). We know how much damage chicken + chips, packs of rice, Chinese cuisines does to our purses for those that indulges in them.

Yeah, if we can afford all these, by all means, we should not deprive ourselves of the simple pleasures / luxuries that delights our hearts.

The last time i was at Mac’s store at Ikeja City Mall, I shelled out 6,300 for the Studio Fix. And now, I heard just 5,000 could make a difference In a child’s life, for life.

I don’t even want to think about how the mothers are coping, I’m sure they Do not care about foundations or make up or the latest trend and fashion.

Looking good and/or education is definitely the least of their worries where there are rumbling tummies to be filled.

So where am I going with all these?

You and I can make a difference in the lives of these beautiful ones who are suffering heavily for the failures of our past governments and the callousness of a perverted few.

Interested individuals / organization’s can make a difference by supporting the Angel 4 Life and by extension the young children in the Abuja camp.

N2000 – N5,000 could hardly dent our purse eternally save for a day or two’s deprivation of sorts.

Donations would reportedly go towards education-related costs basically to cover provision of school materials, uniforms, books,  etc for children in the camps.

We can all be angels without wings in our little capacities by pulling our resources together to help rebuild the lives of these individuals who have been circumstantially less fortunate than us.

Interested Individuals and organisations can help support school-related costs to cover provision of school materials, uniform and books for each child within the camps.
These costs are:
5,000 naira ($25) – Covers the provision of school uniforms, books and school materials
3,000 naira ($15) – Covers the provision of school uniforms only
2,000 naira ($10) – Covers the provision of books and school materials only
All donations are payable to
Acct name: Nikki Laoye’s Angel 4 Life Foundation
Account number: 0139296779
Sort Code: 058152081
Bank: GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Donations from Outside Nigeria can be made directly into the account via: www.worldremit.com/en/Nigeria
For further information and enquiries,
Contact Nikki Laoye’s Angel 4 Life Foundation
M: 08094848096
E: a4lfoundation@gmail.com
W: www.angel4lifefoundation.org

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2 Replies to “Another Angel Without Wings -Faces of Love (II)”

  1. I love this! I am going to talk to my husband about placing a donation, and I'm sharing across networks. This is a great way for people around the world to help Nigeria in a positive way. Much love friend

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