Diverse Faces of Love…(I)

I see it sitting pretty
Sandwiched between the longings of lonely hearts
How high could beauty get
Bestowing the pleasure of its grace on expectant races

I touch it ever so dainty
Warming up to the allure of its beautiful parts
How often did they fret
Flowing from the dark recesses of tired paces

They hold it so lofty
Grateful for the wondrous pleasure of its gaiety
How beautiful could love get
Illuminating unknown lives from the diverse outlets of her many faces.

So yesterday was Valentine’s day…happy belated ‘Valentine’, Dearies…

How did you ‘spend’ the day? Out or in?

But I’m still here wondering how February 14 day came to assume this level of humongous importance in our lives.

Do you realize it’s gradually turning into a commercial holiday of sorts? I went out briefly yesterday (for ‘business’ ni o), come and see red and white colors everywhere…I’m sure dem fast food outlets, joints, hotels, confectioners etc smiled to the banks yesterday.

I read hear the day was not all candy+flower+red+white+cards+cakes when it all started.

Delving into history helped by Google, my friend…the tradition was actually birthed in tragedy and there are more than one angle to how the day came into being.

One version, probably the most popular revealed that roman Emperor Claudius II decreed that every young soldier should refrain from getting married so they could be better warriors but Bishop Valentine defied the emperor and secretly married willing soldier grooms and their brides. On being found, he was jailed and eventually killed…another angle claimed he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter who visited him in prison and to whom he sent a letter signed with ‘from your Valentine’ after which he was martyred.

That Emperor sef…very mean,

Very few people know the story behind the tradition but it doesn’t matter now if some goodly + Godly kindness flow around all in the name of love.

But I’ve come to realize that the kindness do not really flow around, we all tend to be absorbent like a squishy sponge…we exchange gifts with our loved ones only and that’s that.

I also need someone to educate me…how did red come into the picture?
That question came about because RED and WHITE seems to be the official valentine colors.
Sorry but I’m still a learner…*insert smiley emoticon*

So, yesterday, I saw the flurry of activities on FB, Instagram and BB and in order not to be left out, I also had to change my DP…to one of the guys that recently made me believe more in love. Very random but poignant.

And my profile message (still) reads: In the flurry of VAL, remember LOVE is also about doing good to those who can’t repay you…those who may/not love you back + you’ve got 365 days to do the loving, not one day.

That pretty much sums it up for me…giving Chocolates, flowers, cards, and stuffs are good…I love sweet good things and gifts too but we should always spare a thought for those on ‘the other side’…spare a thought for those whom valentine does not even feature on their worry list…those for whom the only item on their list is plain SURVIVAL.

But, to each his own.

Because it is ‘officially’ the love season and…I love love and…I believe in love and I have faith that there’s still some residual hope left in humanity in the midst of all the craziness and chaos, I would like to introduce a special series which I have tagged the ‘Diverse Faces of Love’ series to you.

Have I mentioned here before that I am a firm believer in LOVE?
I am….and I am sharing this series with y’all..
Just. Because.
I. Love. You.
Yes, it’s true *in D2’s voice*

The series is to celebrate some unique humans who have succeeded in using their influence to ‘better’ the lives of others, relatively unknown.
I love heartwarming stories of unusual love and I want to share here and preserve some of these ‘little’ acts of great kindness.
So, here we go…

Diverse Faces of Love…I

See how beautiful that F.O.L is?
She is Modupe Ozolua, a body enhancement professional.

And no, I don’t know her and neither do I ‘do’ body enhancement but I love her.

Just. Because.
She touched my heart with her acts.

She did one of the things I love and pray to do but could not due to lack of resources.

dupe ozolua

See the smiles on the women’s faces? #PowerOfLove
She basically used her influence and resources to provide shelter and means of livelihood for some internally displaced women in Gombe State -one of the states ravaged by Boko haram.
She gave out to the women start-up capitals, sewing machines, new fabrics to start trading, knitting kits, items for groundnut processing, cartons of food and also paid rent for some families and all these were done through her Body Enhancement Foundation.
Kudos to her.
If that is not love, I don’t know what else it is. 
PS: We may not have that much influence or that much resources…but we can still stir the waters in our little space and a little could go a long way…for someone in despair.
PPS: We may not invite the media before making donations or presentations…but the little done in the corner of our room from a sincere heart would never go unnoticed or unrewarded.  
PPPS: How did you ‘celebrate’ valentine?
*The original title I chose for the series was ‘Face of Love’ but I just realized a few minutes ago there is a movie with that title and I quickly modified it to ‘Diverse Faces of Love* before I got slammed…I can’t shout*

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2 thoughts on “Diverse Faces of Love…(I)

  • February 17, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Hi there.
    I found your blog on The Enchanting Rose Link Up Party. I'm following you now. I was in Nigeria in 2013, doing church work. I stayed in Lagos, Owerri and Abuja and I visited Lokoja.

  • February 20, 2015 at 3:07 am

    Hello, lovely lady! I was just talking to my husband last week about how many of our holidays have lost their true meaning {such as Valentine's Day} and it's quite sad. I appreciated this post and your thoughts. Thank you for sharing at ROI. Hugs to you!


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