So I had another post entirely lined up for today but just had to change directions.

Have you ever come close to death before? I mean stare down the deep dark abyss and bounce back?

How did you feel? Jitters? Shivers? Shitty?

I felt all of the above and more on Monday, May 26, 2014.

‘Twas on my way to work in the morning.
Time was 7.15am or thereabouts.

I had just dropped the kids off at school and watched them turn their backs after that last wave that signalled…ok, mum, you can go now. We’ll be fine.

Was driving my ‘small’ car. I climbed the bridge steadily like I always do, every morning.
Now the bridge is wide enough to accommodate 3 vehicles moving side-by-side, per time.

Mine was on the innermost right, a damfo was right beside me and a Kia Rio was on the outermost left.

Suddenly the damfo just swerved and rammed into my side forcefully dragging ‘me’ unto the culvert. I wasn’t thinking but just found myself slamming abruptly on the brake and skidded to a stop.

And that was what saved me. Well, I lie.

I shakily watched the damfo bus struggle to a stop too without flying off the bridge. The Kia Rio which caused the accident tumbled, hit the culvert and bounced back to the road…on all fours. Right before my korokoro eyes. Just like in the movies ganni.

His reason for driving dangerously? He was running late for a meeting and was trying to drive senselessly faster to meet up. But I really suspected he dozed off.

Thankfully nobody was injured. Not the Kia Rio driver. Not the damfo driver or the occupants of his vehicle. Not the elderly mama lawma cleaning the road a few seconds back with her back to oncoming vehicles. Not me.

I escaped with some scratches on my car, a broken side mirror and a shaky body, spirit and soul.

What would have happened had there been no culvert to stop my movement?
My car would have been pushed over the bridge. Cest finis.
I would have ended up mortally injured or….dead!

I still hugged the boys in the morning. Dressed them and carefully tucked in the smart white shirts into the grey shorts. Bantered with hubby. Kissed them. Waved them off at the school shouting ‘be good’. Hummed to the music on the player. Thought of my ‘to-dos’ for the day/week. My departmental goals and targets for the week.
Now I just escaped being killed. Everything paled suddenly into insignificance.

The Kia Rio driver took the brunt of the impact. Burst front tires and damaged fender.

But I really lied up there.
It wasn’t my presence of mind that saved the day, couldn’t have been.

Maybe it was a little of that. Or luck. Or mercy. Or grace. Or miracle.
Or all of the above from the Sovereign Being. The Beginning and the end. The giver of life. The lover of my soul.

I’m alive.
Nothing else matters. Everything matters.

No be me…true true na Baba God. Baba God naani.

But what did I do to deserve this? Absolutely nothing.

Life is really beautiful. Sweet.

THANK YOU LORD…for loving me…for keeping me…for saving me…for being faithful and true and merciful…and for being God.

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8 Replies to “Just Thankful”

  1. My goodness….thank God for safety. God is ever faithful, he's promised to give his angels charge over us, to keep us in ALL our ways.

    It is of his mercies that we are not consumed. I thank God for keeping you alive to testify of his faithfulness.

    You will live to fulfil the number of your days on earth, you will see your children's children to the third generation…that is God's promise for us.

    Bear hugs

  2. Oh wow… Thank God for you life! This our God is worthy to be praised. Like you said, the story could have been different but thank God that no life was lost.

  3. *Hugs* And i'm thankful on your behalf to the Almighty God. Was in an accident with my children last year and truly value life and the Lord much more now!!!!!!

    Amazing Grace oh 🙂

  4. I thank GOD with and for you Abiola.
    We are all living by HIS grace.
    I pray HE continues to protect you and your family like HE protects HIS own eyes. Amen.

  5. Hey fluffycutething, you and your kids were involved in an accident? Wow…thanks be to the merciful Father for keeping you all. And yes, one tends to value God and life more in times like that.

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