This is a quick explanation about how I made my envelope clutch.

I don’t know all the fancy sewing terms but I will do my best to present it as clear as possible so you can make some sense of this. It’s really super easy to make, hope you find it so.

This purse can be made using fabric but I used ‘soft’ leather to make it. If using fabric, you may have to add fusible interfacing in addition to the interior lining to give it weight otherwise the end result would be flimsy.

Basically, I used the materials in the above picture in making it: leather material for the main outer body, linning for the interior, press buttons (to prevent the flap from opening), black ‘soft’ leather material for the flower, a piece of brown plastic flower, needle and thread.
Apology: I did not take pictures when making the purse so I am going to demonstrate the process using brown paper.

First cut out a rectangle for your exterior material to the desired lenght, remember to add 1/2inch for seam allowance. For example, if you want the purse to be 10″ wide, then add 1″ (1/2″ for each side).

I measured out 19″ as the lenght and 11″as the width, shown on the brown paper above

Then from one end of the material, mark 2 points on the ‘long’ side of your material. First point I marked was 6″ from the base and the second mark 12″ from the base of the material as shown below.
Note: This should be done on the wrong side of your material.

Fold the material from the first 6″ mark to meet the 12″ mark.
To get the envelope shape: From the 12″ mark, mark an inch from both ends as shown below and from the mark draw two lines to meet at the (topmost) center of the material. Cut out the excess material from below your lines to get a triangle at the topmost part.

Open or spread out your material, You should get something like the picture below after cutting out. You may choose to leave the tip of the envelope (triangle) pointed or fold it in like I did.
Now place your lining material for the interior on the outer material and cut out.

 Join the lining to the right side of the main fabric using a sewing machine or needle and thread. Sew up the three sides of the main body and then the flap. (Do not forget to note the points where you have the 6″ and 12″ marks as you would still need them).

Leave out some big enough space at the tip of the envelope. This is for turning out your material. Turn it out through the opening you left at the peak of the triangle and topstitch the same opening to close it.

Now you have one long piece of material.

Fold back again on the 6″ and 12″ marks, to make your envelope, right sides together.Stitch down the two sides of the envelope leaving the (finished) flap.

Turn it out again. Your final product should like this with the tip folded (if you wish):

If desired, you may leave your purse like this or may proceed to the next step to embellish it.

To make the flower embellishment, I chose a contrasting black leather material. You may refer to any of the tutorials online to make your fabric flower but this is what I did: I cut a strip of my black leather material and made pleats as shown below:

Then I held one end of the material and rolled it around, manipulating it into a flower and below is the outcome:

 I hand stitched it unto the lowest edge of the envelope; you may choose to use glue for this.

Then I attached a smaller brown plastic flower at the centre to finish off the look

Optional: you may add press button on the inner part of the purse flap to hold it down and prevent it from opening incessantly while you are up and about.

You have your beautiful envelope clutch.

If you decide to make any, please feel free to share with us and do remember to link back too.


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