I got home from work yesterday evening and decided to rest a bit before making dinner. I picked up a copy of the Punch newspaper Hubby dropped on the sofa and was lazily browsing through the pages when I came upon this sad story that got me wishing I had headed straight to the kitchen to make dinner first.

It was the story of a woman who was killed (by herself or by her husband or his relative or friend) by slitting her throat supposedly during a domestic argument. From the story, their marriage is still relatively young and had been spiced with accusations of adultery with the wife moving out of the home with her 2year old daughter a while back.

They reconciled and she moved back in to keep a date…with her death!

The face of the dead woman with the gash on her throat still haunts even though I do not know her. I cannot even put up the picture here, you may see the picture and read how punch reported the story Here

This morning, I was checking a popular blogspot when I saw the story again with a more graphic picture of the woman. It messed up my head and I am still wondering what level of conflict or argument could had led to such level of wickedness. And even though I am no detective, but something did not quite add up from the account of events.

This also brings to mind the case of the female banker -Titilayo who was allegedly slain by her husband, Akolade Arowolo in 2011. The case is still unresolved / unconcluded till date and I wonder  at how low the human race keep descending into the abyss of levels worse than animalism every day.

I also remember the lady who was literally butchered and her body parts sent in parcels to the parliament (can’t vividly remember the country now); and this was done by her boyfriend!

Yesterday it was the sad news with graphic details of the Boston bombing, perpetuated by some sadistics elements that has no business walking the surface of the earth.

Every day we hear of gruesome cases the world over, evils being perpetrated against fellow humans and I feel really sad about it all. Maybe they are really signs of the endtime.

It could happen to anyone. What if it had been a friend of mine, relative, old school mate, etc?
What can we do as individuals to stem this very ugly and sad trend?

Is it going to stop with just posting articles on the subject, articles which everybody would forget in a matter of hours?

Could she had slit her own throat with such precision?

If someone did that to her, what could had been the motive? Even animals dont do such to one another.

Why subject another human to such barbaric and gruesome execution that has no place in this day and age?

Is there no value placed on the human life anymore?

So many questions running through my head, but only the Omni-present+potent+scient being has all the answers.

I sincerely hope the law enforcement agents in charge of this case get to the root of the matter and bring the culprit(s) to book, fast.

I also sincerely hope that every woman out there in any kind of abusive relationships gets the strenght (from within and without) to do the right thing before becoming part of this sad statistics.

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