Oscar Pistorius
I have keenly followed the Oscar / Steenkamp ‘case’ since the avoidable tragedy occured on February 14, same day Nigeria lost Police. Murder or accident, nothing changes the fact that a father has lost his daughter in the most cruel circumstances; Réeva’s siblings and friends would never again hear her talk or laugh anymore.
If you are reading about this for the first time, this happened in far away South Africa on February 14. Oscar (who is also known as the ‘blade runner’) is the South African Olympian/Paralympian who shot to fame / stardom during London 2012 Olympic games
In as much as I am an advocate of the accused being innocent until proven guilty, something does / did not tally from the only living witness’ account.

From reports, Reeva Steenkamp, a rising model was shot 4 times in the toilet in the early hours of Valentine day either by accident as claimed by Oscar or deliberately as claimed by the Prosecution.

They had been dating for three months and from Oscar’s account, they were together on the bed, he got up to shut the window and bring in his fan in the middle of the night; on coming back into the room, he heard noise coming from the toilet, thought it was a burglar, grabbed his gun and fired four shots forgetting to check on his partner supposedly sleeping in the bed. He reportedly shouted for Reeva to call the police, receiving no response, he went back to the room only to find the bed empty.

The police flawed his account and are insisting it was a case of premeditated murder. I am no detective and really have great respect for Oscar for all he had been through and how much he had achieved, you know turning his disability to ability like they say…but thinking about it raises the following questions:

1) How could he had he passed by his bed twice as reported without noticing it was empty before going on to shoot the intruder;

2) If he truly took time to strap on his prosthetic legs like is being claimed by the Prosecution, then why didn’t he take time to ensure the safety of his girlfriend first before going after the intruder;

3) After firing the first shot, the ‘intruder’ would have screamed out and he would have realised something was wrong;

4) Why would an intruder lock himself up in a small toilet where there was no escape route? Coming to the Prosecution, their opinion informed by witnesses some 600 or 300 metres away from Oscar’s Apartment claimed there was an argument between the two and he deliberately shot her.

Now, what could be his motive if this line of reasoning is right? Why would a man deliberately pull a gun on the woman he proclaims to love, and on a day like Valentine at that? So many questions, so many grey areas.

If appearance and emotion has any bearing on the Case, then Oscar would win this, he was visibly shaken and emotionally shattered, weeping profusely during the course of the bail hearing. He appeared broken, like a man who just made a terrible mistake; a man who just lost the love of his life. That is if appearance and emotion could be trusted.

The bail hearing was brought to an end after days of mild drama and He was granted bail with stringent conditions because the judge did not agree he is a ‘flight risk’. Investigation continues and emotion the trial proper would commence in June.

I truly hope the truth would emerge so that Reeva’s family could at least find some closure and all parties can properly grieve and move on.

Have a great weekend and stay out of trouble.


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