Piggy Bank

Yes, you need to shore up your GTH account, that’s if you have one anyway.

In case you don’t have any, buckle your seat belt and read on.

For the ‘newbies’, GTH funds is an acronym (coined by 21st Century Mom) for ‘Go To Hell’ Funds  (now, you won’t get that on Google or Wikipedia or any of these wonderful online resources we constantly consult when we are stuck.

GTH Account is purposely to give you a ‘soft landing’ if / when you are (suddenly) shoved off your high horse. And for we women, the horses can’t get any higher, tottering around on our 6inches platform heels, with our beautifully made-up faces, vainly flaunting our Channels or Louis Vuitton bags.

Just ask any recently laid off staff unceremoniously shoved out of their comfort zones.

Fact 1: More will get the bitter treatment in the coming days.
Fact 2: Few people ever see such treatments coming
Fact 3: Fewer have Plan B in place, no GTH account or savings anywhere.

Can’t really blame them with the ‘gold merchants’ choosing every pay-day to pop in with beautiful, inviting stuffs..and all those glittering super cars or electronic gadgets being flaunted in our face everywhere we turn but I blame anyone that vainly invests in shiny stuffs at the expense of their future.

Sorry, I can’t help it.

Sad thing is we refuse to learn from the experiences of past ‘victims’ and have chosen to close our eyes to the inevitable.

I read of a man who was laid off from his banking job and he slumped and died!


So, where do we start from?

How do we imbibe the much needed savings culture?

  • Discipline, discipline and discipline.

Disciplining oneself financially may not be easy (that’s why it’s called DISCIPLINE in the first place), however with practice, it would soon become a way of life.

  • Set aside a portion or percentage of your monthly earnings to go into a dedicated savings account
  • Be consistent in funding the savings account, regardless of any shiny enticement

Next step is to think, think and do more thinking of your Plan B if you do not already have one.

Plan B is your back up plan.

  • Establish your strength, look inwards and draw a list of your skills that can be marketed to become a cash cow.
  • Draw a business plan based on the outcome of the previous step
  • Find ways of training yourself and acquiring business skills, even while still on your day job.

Just visualize this scenario, you came into the office and barely settled down before the HRM who you still gisted with yesterday evening before closing called you for a meeting at the Conference Room and started career counseling you before handing over the dreaded enveloped letter, just what would be your reaction? Don’t be deceived by the empathy and all, you have just been told to Go To Hell with the cheque (containing your one month salary) as a palliative to deaden the pain, temporarily.

Okay, after the initial shock and rush of adrenaline, would you be able to walk away with your head held high knowing the diving board is waiting for you to step up and dive fully with all abandon into your business pool?

We have Organizations that allow their employees to actually undertake other business(es) so long it is different from the Company’s business and you do not ‘shortchange’ the Organization by tending to your affairs during official working hours; but how many of us actually do involve ourselves in other profitable endeavors?

Very few, we are all comfortably ensconced in our cocoon forgetting that nothing lasts forever.

I say it’s time to broaden our horizon and start funding our Go To Hell account religiously.

That is the gospel according to St. Abbey; have a wonderful week, beautiful people.

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